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  • Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer

Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer

Quick Overview

Brand: Natrapest
Type: Spray
Active Ingredient: D-Limonene 5.8%
Mixing Rate: Ready-To-Use
Application Rate: Spray diretly to insect pests
Size: 946ml


Availability: In stock


The must-have new product for every Australian home!


If you’re like most people, you want to protect your home from nasty, crawling insects all year round. But you also want to protect your family’s health in the process.

Announcing an Australian-first in natural pest control

Natrapest is excited to introduce a unique new product to the Australian market. Unlike anything else you’ve seen, this broad range insecticide for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Ideal for food preparation surfaces and child care centres
  • May also be used in sensitive areas such as hospitals and care facilities
  • Can be applied to pet bedding to control fleas
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from edible plant extract and water
  • Non hazardous
  • No need to wear gloves or vacate area
  • Pleasant citrus scent
  • Recyclable packaging
  • AVPMA Registered
  • Listed with OMRI® (the Organic Materials Review Institute) and may be used in organic production


How Does Orange Guard Work?
Orange Guard’s active ingredient (d-limonene) is steam-distilled orange peel. It breaks down the waxy coating of insects, effectively suffocating them.

Is Orange Guard safe?
All ingredients in Orange Guard meet the Food and Drug Administration GRAS(Generally Recognised as Safe) food grade standard. D-Limonene – the active ingredient in Orange Guard – is an approved food additive and is often found in food products, air freshners, pet shampoos and the like. Orange Guard is water-based with a natural emulsifier and is 100 per cent bidegradable.

I have ants in my garbage bin. What can I do?
Using a spray setting, saturate visible ants and spray the inside of the garbage bin,taking care to get into any corners and crevices. Spray the ant trail as far as possible.

Can I spray my carpet with Orange Guard?
Yes. Orange Guard is an excellent pre-wash spray for fleas.

How long does Orange Guard work?
Exposure to the air shortens the life of Orange Guard’s repellent effect. This product works best when sprayed in cracks and crevices or when the surface is absorbent. It should be stored at room temperature and never boiled or frozen.

What if insects return after using Orange Guard?
Try to locate the source of the infestation and re-apply Orange Guard.

Will Orange Guard stain cement?
Orange Guard is entirely water-soluble. Any marks should rinse clean with water.

Additional Information

Brand Natrapest
Availability in stock
Condition new
GTIN 654197000024
Size No
Colour No
Quantity No
Type No
Metres No
Option No
Seals No
Scent No
Manufacturer No
Fitting No

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