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Ants are the most frequently encountered insects in and around the average home. They feed on a wide range of foods from those found in homes to the sugary excretions from plant bugs.

There are many species of ants which are pests of homes. Because they have differing food preferences, their identification is important to determine the best control method, particularly when baiting is used. The information below can be used as a guide to help you choose the right products for some of the most commonly encountered pest species of ants.

BLACK HOUSE ANT - The black house and a few related species, are shining black and 2-3mm long. They can nest in roof or wall spaces. The group includes species which track across ceilings, beams and joists and drop ant debris onto surfaces below. Black house ants eat sweet foods. As a result these ants are often encountered in kitchen cupboards, bench tops, window sills, etc.

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COASTAL BROWN ANT - These are light brown in colour and about 2-3mm long. They are often found in walls of houses and behind skirting. They prefer meat and fats rather than sweet foods.

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For more information about other species of Ants click on the How To Guide for ants

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