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Bed Protection

Bed Bug Mattress & Base protectors, or encasement's, play an important role in resolving bed bug problems in both residential and commercial situations. These are complete encasements that wrap around the entire mattress or base and zip closed meaning there is no way in or out for Bed Bugs. Any Bed Bugs on the mattress or base at the time will be trapped inside and unable to escape or feed. They also prevent new infestations. One of the greatest benefits of Bed Bug Mattress and Base protectors is that they prevent you from having to throw out your mattress or bed base and purchase new ones if they are infested. Mattress & Base Protectors are a tool that will protect your investment (beds) allowing you to keep your mattresses and bases, saving you money in the long run. You are also taking one of the most problematic parts of bed bug control out of the equation - meaning there is no need to apply potentially dangerous chemicals to the mattress.

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