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Organic Pest Control

Organic gardening is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. One of the main benefits of organic gardening is the ability to target pest insects like aphids, scale, two spotted mite, whitefly and citrus leafminer whilst remaining safe for beneficial insects like bees, ladybeetles and earthworms. Organic gardening also helps to maintain healthy soils which in turn results in healthy plants. Another benefit to organic gardening is limiting your own exposure, as well as that of your children and pest, to potentially toxic chemicals.

Envirosafe Fly Trap - Regular


Envirosafe Fly Trap Refills - 36 Pack


Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer


Fly & Insect Glue Traps


Envirosafe Fly Trap Refills - Regular (x3)


Eco-lure Fruit Fly Trap


Really Serious! Pro Fly Trap


Eco-lure Wick


Envirosafe Fly Trap - Jumbo


Eco-Oil Miticide Insecticide


Eco-Neem Botanical Insecticide


VesPEX PRO European Wasp Dominator Bottle Trap + Lure