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Rodent Bait

The use of rodent bait (rodenticide) is a very popular method of rat & mouse control. We supply a number of well known brands including Talon, Tomcat, Ditrac, Contrac and Pest Defence. Baits should be placed in areas that are inaccessible to pets, children and other non-target animals. We highly recommend the use of tamper-proof, lock up rodent bait stations to keep the bait secure and protected from non-target animals, as well as protected from the weather. Rodent baits should be placed in areas where rodent activity is evident, such as runways, near rodent droppings, or near burrows and harbourages. Always wear gloves when handling rodent bait and bait stations. Bait stations should be monitored regularly for rodent activity and baits replenished when necessary.

Ditrac Blox Bait


Contrac Blox Bait


Tomcat II Blox


Talon Wax Blocks


Tomcat All Weather Blox


Muskill Block Bait 10kg


Contrac Soft Bait


Cardboard Bait Box


Earth Care Odour Removal Bag


Provoke Mouse Attractant Gel


Bainbridge Bait Blocks


Really Serious! Pro Vermax Rat & Mice Block Bait