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    Moth Traps

    Help protect your food and clothes from costly moth damage. Pheromone traps are an effective tool to assist in the control of pest moths. Moth traps are designed to be used in conjunction with other control methods and are a great monitoring device to capture adult moths. These moth traps are intended to alert you to a possible infestation as well as assist in the control program by removing breeding adults from the environment.

    Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap - Professional


    Envirosafe Clothes Moth Trap - Professional


    Envirosafe Clothes Moth Trap - Domestic


    Pestrol Outdoor DOMINATOR Mosquito Trap


    Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap


    Pestrol Outdoor EXTERMINATOR Mosquito Trap


    EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Cedar Rings


    Envirosafe Pantry Moth Trap - Domestic


    EnviroSafe Clothes Moth Cedar Balls


    Pestrol Outdoor DOMINATOR - Globe


    Pestrol Bug Gun Spider Catcher


    Pestrol Outdoor EXTERMINATOR - Globe