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Fruit Fly Traps

Fruit fly traps are an important tool for control and monitoring of both Queensland Fruit Fly and Mediterranean Fruit Fly. Traps should be used in conjunction with fruit fly baits and insectcide sprays for best results.

We also have traps for the control of fruit flies (sometimes known as bar flies, vinegar flies or fermentation flies) in commercial situations such as bars, restaurants and kitchens. It should be noted that the fruit flies that attack fruit on trees and the ones found in bars and restaurants are different species and as a result require different forms of control. If you are unsure which products you need please ask.

Cera Trap - Refill


Fruit Fly Trap


Fruit Fly Trap - Refill


Fly & Insect Glue Traps


Eco-lure Fruit Fly Trap


Cera Trap - Organic Fruit Fly Trap


Eco-lure Wick


Pestrol Trapple Fruit Fly Trap


Fruit Fly Ninja


Pestrol Trapple Fruit Fly Trap Refill


Bar Fly Trap - Refill


Green Drain - Trap Seal