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Rat Bait & Poison

Rat Bait, also known as Rat Poison, is an effective and common way to control rats. Place the rat bait in areas of activity, the rat will eat the poison and die shortly after. This category features our range of rat bait & poison. Brands include Talon, Tomcat, Pest Defence, Ditrac and Contrac. Our bait is available in both pellet and block form depending on your preference. It is recommended that rat bait or poison be used in tamper-proof, lock up bait stations which we also supply.

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How do I use rat poison?

Firstly it is important to carry out a thorough inspection of the area where you suspect rats are a problem. Make sure you get an accurate identification of the type of rodent you are dealing with so that you can choose the right poison. This is done by visual sightings of live rodents, or if this is not possible, the droppings left behind can assist in a positive identification. For more information on identification of different pest rodent species click on the link below.


Also before starting any baiting program you need to take into account external factors such as potential poisoning of non-target animals (especially native species), domestic pets, children, proximity to food and food preparation areas, other sensitive environments.

Each type of rat poison has its own set of instructions which are located on the label of the product. However the following baiting guidelines are recommended.

Clean-Out Treatments

  • Clean-Out treatments are used to remove existing infestations of rats and mice.
  • Always record the number and locations of bait blocks for the purpose of poison replacement and later removal.
  • For rats, place 1 to 3 bait blocks at intervals of 5 to 9 metres in infested areas
  • For mice, place single bait blocks at 2 to 3 metre intervals in infested areas.
  • Nails or wire may be used to fix bait blocks to prevent them being removed by rodents. Alternatively, baits may be secured in bait stations.
  • Place poison so as to prevent access to non-target animals. Use tamper-resistant bait stations at locations where access of non-target animals cannot otherwise be prevented and fix the stations securely to the substrate, where necessary.
  • Use the greater number of bait blocks and shorter distance between bait placements when infestations are heavy.
  • Conduct initial inspection of bait points after 3 or 4 days. Replace any poison that has been consumed. Repeat approximately 4 days later and then weekly. Replace contaminated or spoiled baits.
  • Baiting for at least 2 weeks will be necessary to reduce rat/mouse numbers to a low level. Although heavy infestations may require longer treatments to achieve complete eradication.
  • Discontinue the treatment when effective control has been achieved and remove all poison and bait stations unless a maintenance treatment is to be undertaken.

How does rat bait / poison work?

Most rat poisons available on the market are known as single dose or multiple dose anticoagulants. These poisons reduce the ability of the rat’s blood to clot, causing internal hemorrhaging and death. Multiple dose poisons cause the death of rats over a 4-8 day period of continuous feeding, while single dose poisons cause death in 4-7 days and a single feed is enough to be a lethal dose.

How long will rat poison last?

Depending on the product, rat poison should last for several months after which it is advisable to replace with fresh bait.

You should place 1-3 spots of bait per m2. You can increase the number of spots and spot size depending on the severity of the infestation.

Do I need to use a bait station?

Yes it is highly recommended that you use bait stations when using rat poison. The use of bait stations to hold the poison provides several benefits:

  • The bait will stay fresher for longer as it is protected from weather, moisture, dust and other contaminants
  • The bait remains inside the station after feeding for others in the rat population to eat. Rats have a habit of taking bait and stashing it for later. This means less bait available for others to eat. This can be avoided by the use of a bait station to hold the poison inside on metal rods.
  • Less risk of poisoning non-target animals, domestic pets and children if the poison is safely contained inside a tamper-proof, lockable bait station.

How long does it take for the poison to work?

Multiple dose poisons cause the death of rats over a 4-8 day period of continuous feeding, while single dose poisons cause death in 4-7 days and a single feed is enough to be a lethal dose.

Where will the rat or mouse die after it has eaten the poison?

This is difficult to answer. There is no way of knowing or controlling where a poisoned rat will die after succumbing to the poison. If you do see a dead rat out in the open it should be removed immediately in order to reduce the risk of secondary poisoning to non target animals.

Is there a risk to my pet eating the poisoned rats?

This is the most common question we get asked. The risk of secondary poisoning of your pet dog or cat from eating poisoned rats is relatively low.

What is primary and secondary poisoning?

Primary poisoning is when a non-target animal, such as a pet dog, directly consumes the poison. This is the most common way household pets and other animals are poisoned by rat bait. Usually by people placing the bait in accessible areas not safely contained within rat bait stations. Secondary poisoning is when a non-target animal eats multiple rats that have been poisoned by rat poison and ingests a toxic dose via indirect means. This is very unlikely and uncommon but can potentially occur.

What is bait shyness??

Bait shyness is when a rat or mouse avoids eating a particular bait or poison. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Rat poisons have been developed to work slowly to reduce the potential for bait shyness to occur.

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