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Mosquito Zappers

Mosquito zappers, otherwise known as mozzie zappers or bug zappers, are devices which attract mosquitoes and other flying insects with ultraviolet light. Inside the bug zapper is an electrical grid which electrocutes the mosquito upon contact. The mosquitoes then fall into a catch tray in the base of the device. These types of mosquito zappers have been around for decades and are commonly used in domestic backyards, patios, outdoor dining and entertaining areas as well as in commercial situations.

Our mozzie zappers are robust, stylish and weatherproof. They offer heavy duty protection for backyards against flying insect pests such as mosquitoes (mozzies), moths and midges. They are ideal for areas where people gather across a number of separated entertaining spaces – for example  barbecue, outdoor dining and swimming pool spaces.  Also, where there is a high level of mosquito activity.

Electric Fly Swatter


Premium Electric Fly Swatter


Commercial Bug Zapper 40W


Commercial Bug Zapper - Globe 13W


Gecko Bug Zapper - Cordless


Gecko Bug Zapper - 20W Globe


Gecko Bug Zapper - 40W


Gecko Bug Zapper - 10W Globe


Executioner Bug Zapper - Mid Size


Gecko Bug Zapper - 40W Globe


Gecko Bug Zapper - 50W


Gecko Bug Zapper - 50W Globe