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    Fly Bait

    Fly bait is available in granular and liquid form and are an effective method of fly control particularly around abattoirs, animal housing, garbage bins, food processing plants, industrial sites, feedlot manure heaps, garbage dumps and other industrial and commercial areas. 

    Protect Us Fly Bait and Bayer Quickbayt are both granular fly baits for the control of house flies and lesser house flies in domestic and commercial situations. Ensnare Pro is a unique product - with the addition of sugar to the spray solution it can be used as a fly bait spray. The Envirosafe Fly Trap refills are for use in the Envirosafe Fly Traps - Regular & Jumbo. Click here to view the Envirosafe Fly Traps

    Seclira Pressurised Fly Bait


    QuickBayt Fly Bait


    Ensnare Pro


    Really Serious! Pro Fly Trap Granules


    Fly Eater Outdoor Fly Trap