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The use of insecticides is a common and effective method for mosquito control. These insecticides can be applied as a liquid residual in sprayers or as a fogging solution in a cold or thermal fogger. The insecticide is applied to areas where mosquitoes rest such as foliage of bushes and shrubs, lower limbs of shaded trees, tall grass and other shady areas. Insecticides that contain pyrethrins are commonly used for mosquito control as they are very safe and can be used in fogging machines. 

Temprid 75


Pest Defence Multipest Termiticide & Insecticide


Delforce Insecticide


Delta Pro Professional Insecticide


Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate


PY Pyrethrin Spray


Battleaxe Pro Aerosol


Equip Debugger


Seclira WSG Insecticide


Seclira Pressurised Insecticide


Orange Guard Crawling Insect Killer


Coopex Residual Insecticide