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Mouse Bait & Poison

The use of bait or poison to control mice is one of the most popular methods as it is fairly simple to set up and doesn't require regular daily monitoring. Baits are positioned in strategic positions where evidence of mouse activity has been identified. The use of mouse bait stations to hold the poison is highly recomended as these protect the bait from the weather and other contaminants as well as non target species such as pets and children. Mouse bait is available in many different brands including Talon, Tomcat, Ditrac, Contrac and Pest Defence.

Ditrac Blox Bait


Contrac Blox Bait


Pest Defence Mouse Bait Station


Tomcat II Blox


Talon Wax Blocks


Tomcat All Weather Blox


Muskill Block Bait 10kg


Contrac Soft Bait


Cardboard Bait Box


Provoke Mouse Attractant Gel


Bainbridge Bait Blocks


Pest-Stop Mouse Bait Station