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    Mosquito Traps

    Mosquito traps are an effective non-chemical method of reducing the breeding population of mosquitoes in an area. Mosquitoes even in the dark, can easily assess where a person is by sensing carbon dioxide and temperature that he/she emits. Also, they react extremely sensitively to near ultraviolet rays. Using these behaviours of mosquitoes, Mosquito Traps can attract and capture mosquitoes. Our range of mosquito traps are environmentally friendly, insecticide-free, harmless to humans and pets and contain no pollutants.

    We supply a range of mosquito traps as well as traditional bug zappers in a range of sizes and styles.

    Octenol Lure - 3 Pack


    Pestrol Outdoor DOMINATOR Mosquito Trap


    Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap


    Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap


    Pestrol Outdoor EXTERMINATOR Mosquito Trap


    Pestrol Mozzie Free


    Pestrol Mozzie Assassin


    Pestrol Outdoor DOMINATOR - Globe


    Executioner Bug Zapper


    Magna Indoor Mosquito Trap - White


    Bug Eater Mosquito Trap


    Mosquito Eater Mozzie Trap