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How to get rid of Indian Mynas around your home or commercial premises:

1. The most effective way to get rid of Indian Mynas is to reduce attractions that might encourage Indian Mynas to visit an area. Clear away food scraps after eating outdoors, remove uneaten pet food, cover bins, etc.
2. Block holes / areas where Mynas might roost or nest.
3. Install bird netting to block Mynas access to area roosting or nesting areas.
4. Install bird spikes to prevent Mynas from roosting on ledges.
5. Trap Mynas using specially designed Myna Bird Traps. Euthanase trapped birds humanely.


Myna birds are readily identified by the brown body, black hooded head and the bare yellow patch behind the eye. The bill and legs are bright yellow. There is a white patch on the outer primaries and the wing lining. Both males and females are similar in look and are usually seen in pairs.

Mynas are approx. 23 cm in length

Common mynas are believed to pair for life. They breed throughout most of the year depending on the location. They can breed from sea level to 3000m in the Himalayas.

The female can lay up to 4-6 eggs at a time and can take 17 – 18 days for them to hatch. Myna chicks fledge (leave the nest) around 22-24 days.


Mynas feed on insects, reptiles, small mammals, seeds, grain and fruits. They forage through grass for insects and especially grasshoppers. They feed on a wide variety of insects mostly picked from the ground. They are a cross pollinator of flowers such as Salmalia and Erythrina.


Mynas are a serious threat to the survival of our native wildlife as they are a hollow-nesting bird. During the nesting season they become very aggressive and take over hollows that would have been occupied by lorikeets and rosellas, kookaburras and sugar gliders. If a hollow is already occupied they will evict whoever is in there, even animals as big as possums.

What can be done?

Cover gaps in buildings and eaves with bird proof netting or wire mesh to block them out from nesting.
Resist feeding birds where Mynas are present
Ensure pet food is removed once they have finished with it
Trap Myna birds using specially designed Myna Magnet Traps.

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