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This category features insecticides that are registered for the control of moths. Pyrethrum based insecticides are ideal for the control of Indian Meal Moths (Pantry Moths) and other pests of food. Products that contain deltamethrin or permethrin, such as Delforce or Coopex are ideal for the control of Clothes Moths and other pests of fabric.

Temprid 75


Chaindrite Extra Strength Crawling Insect Spray


Delforce Insecticide


Delta Pro Professional Insecticide


Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate


PY Pyrethrin Spray


Battleaxe Pro Aerosol


Starrdust Pro One Shot


Pestrol Ultra Pyrethrin Refill Can


Starrdust Pro Duckbill Duster Combo


Coopex Residual Insecticide


Starrdust Pro 10kg