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Sandalwood Sticks - 6 Hour
Sandalwood Sticks - 6 Hour

    Sandalwood Sticks - 6 Hour

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      Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks are the only natural, chemical free, deterrent proven mosquito repellent on the market. Our company is 100% Australian owned and our sandalwood mosquito sticks are made from 100% Australian Sandalwood.

      Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks were created due to a need in the marketplace for a natural mosquito repellent that was chemical free and safe around children and animals. The mosquito repellent market is full of products that are chemically based (DEET) or citronella products that contain little or no citronella and can be harmful people. Many products simply don't work. The natural properties of sandalwood and its natural oils are what keep mosquitoes away and are 76% more effective then citronella candles¹.

      Sandalwood Sticks


      Research showed that consumers were unhappy with mosquito coils as they broke easily and they had no option but to hold them in their hands, exposing themselves to the risk of chemicals. The Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Stick is much more resilient and can be dropped without breakage – it’s completely safe to handle. Experience in the Sandalwood industry in making incense sticks meant that we knew sandalwood worked well in a stick form. New Mountain Sandalwood was the first company to manufacture a mosquito repellent in the form of a stick.

      No Sandalwood trees are cut down to make Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks. We use sandalwood from trees that have naturally died in the desert.

      Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks are available in sizes of 2 hour, 3 hour and 6 hour. If you don’t use a full stick in one sitting, just put out and relight next time – no wastage.

      • Proven mosquito deterrent.
      • Made from 100% Sandalwood and a blend of essential oils.
      • 100% natural mosquito repellent.
      • Eco-friendly.
      • Each Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Stick burns for 6 hours.
      • Safe around children and pets – NO DEET.
      • Beautiful and relaxing sandalwood aroma.
      • Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks can easily be put out and reused next time.
      • No breakage.
      • Use with Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks Diffuser for maximum mosquito protection
      • Approved by the government body – the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)


      How long does each Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Stick burn?
      Each Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks is designed to burn for 2 hours in the wind. 

      How many Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks are required to cover a given area?
      Place the Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks 3 metres apart.

      Can the Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks be used indoors?
      This is a very difficult question to answer. The primary reason for labelling 'not for indoor use' is an APVMA (Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority - formerly NRA) requirement for all insect repellents. As most of the burning insect repellents are chemically enhanced the APVMA quite rightly are concerned about them being used indoors. Unfortunately we fall under this regulation. The irony is that if we sold them as a scented incense stick, rather than a Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Stick, then there is no requirement to label 'not for indoor use'. All of the ingredients we use are from natural products, but the regulations bring us in to the insect repelling arena and therefore we must follow the rules.

      Is the Sandalwood used in this product a sustainable resource?
      Yes it is. Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks are made from deadwood collected from the desert areas of Western Australia . No trees are cut down to manufacture the sticks and even the collector of deadwood is carefully monitored to ensure that the wood is not collected quicker than it naturally dies.

      What else is in the Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks beside sandalwood?
      A blend of natural, essential oils.

      What makes Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks more effective than other products?
      We use 100% Sandalwood and it is the most expensive wood in the world. The natural occurring smoke from the burning of Sandalwood repels mosquitos and significantly helps reduce contact with mosquitos. There are no additives and they are portable.

      How exactly does the Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Stick work?
      Place the required amount of Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks in the outdoor area 15 minutes prior to use. The sandalwood will disperse from the Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks and minimise exposure to mosquitoes. When directions are followed you and your family will enjoy the outdoors. Our Sandalwood Diffuser looks great in the garden and also helps to maximise the function of the Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks, giving you even greater protection.

      Why do most citronella products smell terrible and don't seem to work?
      These products use the excellerant called hydrocarbon as this helps the citronella oil to burn. It is the hydrocarbon that gives the products the harsh smell. Our product is 100% natural with no additives.

      What exactly is DEET and how it can affect people?
      DEET is a chemical used in many repellents on the market. It should not be applied to babies and toddlers or used by pregnant women. DEET should not be continuously applied to the skin.

      How effective are Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks when compared to other products that contain DEET? Have you conducted efficacy testing.
      We have efficacy testing conducted in Queensland (2005) and USA (2003) which shows the sticks to be a proven deterrent against DEET based personal sprays. See our efficacy data for results.

      What would happen if my child or pet should put a stick in their mouth?
      Nothing. The taste may not be that good but the sandalwood and essential oils will not do any harm. Give a drink of water to take away the taste.

      What else can Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks do for me?
      Give you and your outdoor area a pleasant, aroma. Sandalwood is also fantastic for its relaxing properties.

      Are Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks registered with a governing body?
      Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks are registered with the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA No. 54584). All repellents must be registered with this government body before they can be sold at retail outlets. A good way to check a product has passed regulation is by looking for the APVMA Approval Number on the back of every repellent product.

      How did Mosquito Repellent Sandalwood Sticks come about?
      A need was identified in the marketplace for a natural mosquito repellent that was chemical free and safe around human and animals. The repellent market is full of products that are chemically based therefore not good for children and babies or products that simply don't work. The natural repellent properties of sandalwood gave us a unique, effective product with a method of delivery that was easy to use.

      Other than repelling mosquitoes, what else is sandalwood useful for?
      Sandalwood is therapeutic used to release stress, tension and mild anxiety. The wonderful aroma is great for relaxing. It is a highly prized resource and has been a very valuable Australian commodity since the early 1900s. Australian Sandalwood – santalum spicatum, is one of the most premium species of sandalwood in the world.