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Equip Debugger

    Equip Debugger

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      • Insecticide which kills mosquitoes, bed bugs & other insects.
      • Permethrin treatment—an insecticide which kills mosquitoes and other insects when they come into contact with materials that have been impregnated with the substance.
      • Use on tents, headgear, clothes, sleeping bags & mosquito nets
      • Medical & kit information instruction leaflets & directions for use
      • Bottle is 20 mL, makes up to 8 L once mixed with water (approx.)
      • Debugger is a do it yourself insecticide impregnation kit. It allows you to treat any textile with the insecticide permethrin.
      • Treated fabrics repel and kill insects that make contact and will remain effective for up to 12 months or 30 washes.

      The Equip DeBugger enables you to treat any material with permethrin. If you require maximum insect protection, you require this product! Suitable for treating clothing, nets, bed sheets etc.

      Permethrin is an insecticide that kills mosquitoes and other insects when they come in contact with materials have been impregnated with the substance.



      How does it work?
      Insecticide which kills insects when they come into contact with the treated material.

      How long does the treatment last for?
      6 months or 6 washes - but can last up to 12 months or 30 washes.  Treatent life cannot be ecaxt due to too many variables such was water, detergent used, drying etc

      Can it be used on all fabric?
      Yes including silk.  So long as the fabric will absorb the solution.

      Can it be ironed?
      Yes, once garment has been treated and dried.

      How much will 20ml treat?
      Approximately 2 bed sheets or 8 t shirts.

      Why avoid direct sunlight while drying?
      The sun breaks down the insecticide making it less effective.

      Can it be drip dried on the line?
      Can do but will not be as effective. For best results dry flat so that the water evaoprates leaving the permethrin in the fibres.

      Can it go in a clothes dryer?
      Not a good idea for the same reason above.

      Will it irritate the skin?
      Very unlikely.  There is a very small percentage of the population who may get irritation.

      Is it safe on children's clothing?

      Brand: Equip
      Type: Concentrate
      Active Ingredient: Permethrin 25:75 500g/L
      Mixing Rate: 20ml per 8L water
      Application Rate:  
      Size: 20ml (makes 8 Litres)