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Cockroach Bait Station
Cockroach Bait Station
Cockroach Bait Station

    Cockroach Bait Stations

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      • These cockroach bait stations are compatible with all cockroach baits and gels
      • Reusable
      • Made from tough, durable polypropylene
      • Slimline and discreet
      • Protects your bait from weather, dust, non-target animals, insects and pets

      The Cockroach Bait Station is a refillable container for insect bait that protects the environment from contamination.  The Cockroach Bait Station can be placed vertically or horizontally when used with granular or gel baits, but should only be placed horizontally when used with liquid baits.

      Specifically designed to hold Cockroach Gel Baits. Slim, discreet design, fits almost anywhere cockroaches hide.

      Pack Size: 10

      • Tough Polypropylene Molding:  Reusable, durable, economical, suits all baits and easy to clean.
      • Slimline Shape:  Visually discreet & deflects impacts reducing accidental loss and damage.

      In either domestic or commercial situations our Cockroach Bait Stations provide a simple way to deliver the bait and a quick way to inspect, clean and refill.

      The Cockroach Bait Station is the add-your-own-bait refillable container with a patented design that protects the environment from contamination, prevents spillage, and reduces evaporation to keeps bait fresh for up to 3 weeks. 

      If you are unsure which type of cockroaches you have, where they are coming from, or what type of bait they prefer, The Cockroach Bait Station is ideally suited for identifying the preferred baits and trails of pest ants. Simply experiment with different types of baits, placing a liquid in one Cockroach Bait Station and a gel in another, etc., and place them in different locations around your home. By checking each Cockroach Bait Station periodically for acceptance, you will be able to see which bait the ants prefer over another. Then the other Cockroach Bait Stations can be refilled with the bait of preference and placed in areas of highest ant travel for optimal control.

      Baits not included. Cockroach baits must be purchased separately.