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Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait
Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait
Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait
Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait
Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait
Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait

    Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait

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      BattleaxePRO Roach Bait is a ready-to-use high performance broad spectrum cockroach gel bait utilising the powerful active fipronil.  Highly palatable cross all species small and large this bait entices immediate feeding through a unique bait matrix.  Without question this is the best value for money cockroach gel.

      Battleaxe Gel


        • Excellent palatability
        • Non scheduled poison
        • Extra high strength 0.5 g/kg Fipronil
        • New wide body syringe suitable for all guns
        • Non bird offal bait matrix – does not require gamma irradiation
        • Excellent for German and all other species
        • Firm bait maintains shape
        • Non-runny formulation
        • Neutral, non offensive colour
        • High mortality in short time
        • Clean, odourless and unobtrusive
        • 3 modes of action – ingestion, contact and cascade effect

        New BattleaxePRO Roach Gel is a firm highly attractive bait matrix.  It has a pale ‘non-offensive’ off white colour.  BattleaxePRO Roach Gel does not contain bird offal (i.e. Chicken livers) as part of its bait matrix.  It’s special high performance matrix utilises a number of proprietary ingredients tailored and tested under Australian conditions.  Market research shows that traditional offensive brown baits are much despised by users and end customers.  White coloured gel baits are hard to locate and monitor on repeat visits.


        How to use Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait

        Where to place Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait

        Place small spots, roughly the size of a pin head, of Battleaxe Pro Roach Bait in the following locations:

        • Under and behind appliances including microwave, toaster, electric jug, coffee machine, dishwasher, fridge, oven, etc
        • Cupboard hinges
        • Corners of cupboards
        • Tops of cupboard doors
        • Around pipes under sink
        • On and around hotwater system
        • Any other areas where cockroach ativity has been seen

        Brand: Sundew
        Type: Cockroach Gel Bait
        Active Ingredient: 0.5 g/kg Fipronil
        Mixing Rate: Ready to Use
        Application Rate: Apply 1-3 spots per m2 (0.03-0.06 g). Increase the number of spots (up to 3) and spot size depending upon severity of infestation and species present.
        Size: 20g


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