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Blisma Indoor Mosquito Diffuser

    Blisma Indoor Mosquito Diffuser

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      Discourages Mosquitoes and flies from indoor space
      • Lasts up to 10 weeks
      • Covers up to 100 sq. metres
      • Use indoors - Homes, offices, caravans and tents to stop intrusion of mosquitoes
      • Made from natural plant based active ingredients
      • Safe to breathe, safe to touch & Pet friendly
      • Easy to use: Fast acting
      • Cost Effective
      • Non-Allergenic
      • 24 hr protection - discourages mosquitoes and flies from indoor spaces
      • Cost effective
      • Non-Allergenic
      • Use inside homes, offices, cabins, camping tents and caravans to stop the intrusion of mosquitoes. 

      The only ingredients used are essential oils, purified water and natural binding agents.

      There are NO petroleum based ingredients.

      There are NO.....

      • No DEET.
      • No alcohol.
      • No parabens.
      • No petroleum.
      • No animal products.
      • No spray.