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Bird Netting Ratchet Crimping Tool

    Bird Netting Ratchet Crimping Tool

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      Ratchet Crimping Tool is used to crimp Copper Ferrules in Bird Netting installations.

      Our Bird Netting Ratchet Crimping Tool is a durable tool made from high-quality hardened steel, designed to last exceptionally long when used properly. The non-slip handle provides the crimp tool with versatility when working in different weather conditions. When the jaws lock or have been misused, the release mechanism between the handles helps prevent unnecessary damage to the tool.

      This tool is ideal for crimping copper ferrules in bird netting installations and is essential for any bird control professional. With its high-quality construction and versatile design, the Ratchet Crimping Tool is a reliable and effective tool for all your crimping needs.


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