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Fruit Fly Netting
Fruit Fly Netting
Fruit Fly Netting
Fruit Fly Netting
Fruit Fly Netting
Fruit Fly Netting

    Fruit Fly Netting

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      Fruit Fly Netting is an ongoing problem in both home gardens and commercial facilities. Our Fruit Fly Netting is a premium (pesticide-free) and Wildlife Safe exclusion net designed for the following usage :

      • Fruit Fly Protection Netting
      • Insect Exclusion / Insect Netting
      • Crop Protection
      • Bird Netting
      • Microclimate / Shade / Evaporation
      • Snail and Slug Netting Exclusion

      This is a very high quality (103GSM) Fruit Fly Netting which is designed to last in harsh Australian conditions. The construction is involves a strong lengthwise row pattern, with additional thatched weaves in-between to reduce the effective hole size. The product also features a selvedge edge of 50mm for additional strength where attaching.

      Netting Exclusion is a preventative method that uses physical barriers to stop fruit flies from reaching your fruit and vegetables.

      Colour: Translucent (White)
      Weight: 103 GSM (Grams per Square metre)
      Mesh Size: approx. 1mm
      Edging: 50mm Reinforced Selvedge Edge
      Overall Bundle Size: 5m x 3.5m
      UV Treated: Confirmed
      Construction: HDPE Monofilament
      Approximate Shade Creation: 32%

      Our netting was independently tested at a certified testing & research institute.

      Some of the Benefits of Fruit Fly Netting include:

      • Crop protection from fruit fly, other insect pests, as well as possums and birds
      • Normal Ripening
      • Requires a once only application over your crop
      • Can help protect your crop from some exclusion products can be reused from year to year
      • Low cost and easy to use
      • Wildlife Safe Netting

      Technical PROPERTIES independently tested by Standard Test Method (ASTM D 5034 ) for Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics:

      TEST RESULTS : (Warp/Weft)
      Tensile Strength : 681.0N/320.4N
      Elongation : 32.6%/115.4%
      Bursting Strength : 610.0N
      Tearing Strength : 267.0N/158.4N
      Selvedge: Reinforced 50mm