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Dust Applicators

A dust applicator, otherwise known as a bulb duster, duster, hand duster, hand puffer, dust puffer or dust blower, is a piece of equipment used in the pest control industry for the application of insecticidal dusts and powders. Bulb dusters are operated by hand and involve filling the bulb part with insecticide dust, attaching the stem and squeezing the bulb to blow out the dust / powder. These are commonly used in areas where the application of dust needs to be controlled and precise such as behind and under kitchen cupboards, around window frames, appliance motors, electrical sockets, skirting boards, carpet edges, bed frames, etc. Electric blowers / dusters apply insecticidal dusts in large volumes and are ideal for big areas such as roof voids, sub-floors, wall cavities, etc. 

Starrdust Pro Duckbill Duster Combo