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Bird Netting

Bird netting or anti-bird netting is used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas. It provides a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects buildings, structures, crops, fruit trees, vines, etc without harming the birds. Bird netting is available in a range of different grades including:
Heavy Duty Structural Netting - used on buildings and other structures. A strong, durable bird net that will withstand high winds to block out pigeons, starlings,etc from buildings
Canopy Netting - a heavy grade net used for commercial fruit orchard structures;
Vineyard Netting - a lightweight hexagonal hole net commonly used on grape vines;
Fruit Tree Netting - a lightweight diamond net used on vines, fruit trees, orchards, etc

Solar Panel Bird Mesh Kit


Bird Netting - Fruit Tree - BLACK


Bird Netting - Fruit Tree - WHITE


Bird Netting - Light Weight Extruded - BLACK


Wildlife Friendly Bird Netting - BLACK


Solar Skirt Bird Mesh Kit


Bird Netting - Heavy Duty Structural


Wildlife Friendly Bird Netting - WHITE


Fruit Fly Netting


Solar Panel Bird Mesh - HDPE Plastic


Bird Netting - Light Weight Extruded - WHITE


Bird Netting - Vineyard - WHITE