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Vectorfog BY100 Thermal Fogger
Vectorfog BY100 Thermal Fogger in use
Vectorfog BY100 Thermal Fogger in use
Vectorfog BY100 Thermal Fogger in use
Vectorfog BY100 Thermal Fogger in use

    VectorFog BY100 Thermal Fogger

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      VectorFog™ Mini Foggers are powered by a standard propane or butane gas cartridge. The water or oil dilutant is heated and then the chemical is added at the last moment to create a fog or mist. Features include a 2.8 Litre tank, flow rate of 2 LPH and strap for portability.

      The Mini fogger is ideal for fogging pesticides and disinfectants in locations with no access to electricity including patios, parks, silos, chicken coops and greenhouses.

      • Tank Capacity 2.8 Litres
      • Type Butane / Propane Cartridge
      • Droplet Size 5 – 30 microns
      • Net Weight 1.7 kg
      • Dimensions 61 x 17.5 x 40 cm

      This is a thermal fogger that can be used for various of applications starting from pest control to spaying disinfectants solutions. VectorFog BY100 is a portable fogger and works with propane or butane gas, so no electric cables are needed to power the fogger. As this is a thermal fogger it produces a thick white cloud of fog that contains a large count of tiny particles. The fog produced by a thermal fogger can penetrate the smallest spaces both indoors and outdoors and are very effective in pest control applications. For example the fog produced by this mosquito fogger can reach inside thick bushes and tree foliage outdoors and small gaps and cracks in floor or walls indoors. Thermal fog is better for reaching into smaller spaces than wet fog produced by majority of ULV foggers. VectorFog BY100 propane fogger can be used in home, backyard, garden, commercial sites, greenhouse and many other places. The size of the fogger is 62cm x 18cm x 41cm and the weight of the fogger is 1.7 kg. Although this is a bit larger and more powerful fogger than most individual use thermal foggers, it still packs the same useful features as a regular thermal fogger such as portability, that allows to use it to fog outdoor areas. The fogger is made in the South Korea. Manufacturer VectorFog provides a 1 year warranty against defects for the fogger.

      The VectorFog BY100 fogger is made from a durable plastic and stainless steel material. The body of the fogger is made from plastic but the heat coil is made from stainless steel. On top of the fogger there is a comfortable handle for carrying the fogger around. The VectorFog BY100 fogger can be powered by a propane or butane gas by inserting a cartridge in the back of the fogger. Unfortunately the VectorFog BY100 fogger does not comes with a fuel cartridge so you will need to purchase it separately. Users will need a disposable camping stove style butane or propane canister. These are available at major hardware stores and most supermarkets. A canister will last many applications as only a small amount of gas is consumed to run the burner.

      VectorFog BY100 mosquito fogger is equipped with a 400ml chemical solution tank and a 2.8 litre carrier solution tank. The tank is also made from a durable plastic material. You can fill the carrier solution tank with both oil or water based solutions. Inside the solution tank there is a pump, which is used to pump the fogging liquid from the tank to the heating coil where it gets heated to a high temperature and vaporizes when released from a nozzle. Under the handle there is a fogging trigger. On the left side of the fogger is an auto ignite switch that lights a spark to the heat coil when pressed. The heat assembly part of the fogger consists of multiple parts such as a burner, coil, safety basket, solution supply tube and a nozzle.

      The VectorFog BY100 fogger outputs a dry and dense cloud of fog. The average particles size the VectorFog BY100 fogger produces is in range of 5-30 microns, which is the best particle size for mosquito control. The flow rate of the fogger is approximately 2 litres an hour and you can fog for almost 1.5 hours with one full tank.

      It comes with a few useful accessories such as a shoulder strap that can be useful when fogging large outdoor areas because this is not the lightest fogger especially when filled with dilution and fogging chemicals. Also included is an extra pump pickup hose and a usage and service manual.


      Fogging with this tool is pretty simple and the fogger is lighter than most ULV foggers. The shoulder strap makes it easier to carry around. Although this is a larger and more powerful fogger than most smaller propane foggers, you need to use approx. the same amount of fogging solution.

      To use the fogger first take of the carrier solution tank and fill it with your desired carrier, water for water based fogging or diesel / parafin oil for oil based fogging. Then fill the chemical solution tank with the diluted fogging chemical. We recommend the use of Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Concentrate when using for insect / mosquito control. Mix at a rate of 3ml Py-Bo per 1 litre of diesel / parafin oil / water. The fogger is powered by a propane or butane gas cartridge. To light the fogger attach the gas cartridge to the back of the fogger and make sure it is properly tightened to the fogger. Then open the gas supply by turning the valve next to the cylinder anti clockwise. After that press the auto ignite button on the body of the fogger and wait for about half a minute until the burner has heated up. When the fogger has heated up to a proper temperature you can start to fog by pressing the fogging trigger located under the handle of the fogger. To turn the fogger off close the chemical supply valve and turn off the gas supply by closing the gas supply valve clockwise. Clean the fogger from left over carrier solution and fogging chemicals before storage.

      BY100 mosquito fogger has got many advantages for different control applications such as portability, effective particle size for flying insect control, large spray distance of approx. 9 metres and ability to spray oil and water based solutions not only for insect and pest control but also to spray other solutions such as disinfectants. The fogger can be used in smaller areas such as homes, backyards, patios and similar as well as larger outdoor and indoor areas.


      VectorFog BY100 Parts Diagram



      When fogging outdoors, you should only fog for short periods at a time and when there is not much wind. When fogging indoors you should start at the furthest part of the building and work your way back until you get to the entrance or exit. It’s essential to read the chemical manufacturer’s instructions before you start applying, including diluting ratio and safety precautions. Only experienced personnel should operate this equipment. You must exercise caution when connecting the propane/butane canister, in order to avoid the risk of fire.


      When unpacking the unit, please make sure that that the machine is not damaged and that all the accessories mentioned in this manual are not missing.

      VectorFog BY100 Accessories


      Unscrew the tank anti clockwise from the main body. Fill the tank with the dilutant of your choice. Water for water based fogging or diesel / parafin oil for oil based fogging. Do not to add more dilutant than is needed. Do not overfill the tank. When you finish filling the tank, screw the tank tightly back to the main body in a clockwise direction.

      VectorFog BY100 Carrier Solution Tank


      Premix chemical with an oil or water based emulsifier prior to filling the chemical tank. Please refer to chemical manufacturers instructions for correct ratio. Fill the special chemical mixture into the chemical tank. It is important not to add more chemical mixture than it’s needed. Please check level on the window located on the side of the machine. Maximum Level is 350ml. Leaving remaining chemicals in the tank after use could affect the performance of the machine in the following session as deposits may solidify. When you finish filling the tank, close the tank cap tightly.

      VectorFog BY100 Chemical Solution Tank


      Connect the propane/butane gas cartridge to the main body. Make sure it is locked into position. Turn the gas supply on by turning the valve anti clockwise, as shown in the diagram below. To start the machine, press the ignition switch located on the left hand side of the machine. It is necessary to keep the machine on for about 10 seconds (if water fogging) and/or 30 seconds (if oil fogging) to warm up before opening the chemical valve.

      VectorFog BY100 attaching gas canister


      Once the machine has warmed to the required temperature, turn the chemical valve anticlockwise as shown in the diagram below and press the trigger to start fogging. When the trigger is released, the fogging will pause. Note. When oil fogging, please make sure all the oil has been consumed. Any oil still left in the coil after use could cause it to block and not work on the next session.

      VectorFog BY100 Fogging


      Release the trigger. Turn the chemical supply valve clockwise to stop the supply of chemical. Turn off the gas supply by turning the valve clockwise as shown on the diagram below. Remove gas cartridge. Note: When storing the machine, please make sure no dilutant or chemicals are left in the tank.

      VectorFog BY100 turning off the fogger