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Ratsak Naturals 224g
Ratsak Naturals 450

    RATSAK Naturals Rodenticide Bait Pellets

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      RATSAK NATURALS is a rodent bait that kills rats and mice by causing them to dehydrate. It is made from natural ingredients and whilst deadly to rodents it is safe around humans and animals when used according to instructions. Rats and mice have strong stomach sensors that tells them when they are thirsty. When they eat the RATSAK Naturals it turns off the stomach sensors and rodents stop drinking. These stomach sensors are unique to rats and mice.


      • Kills Rats and Mice
      • Based upon natural ingredients
      • Safe for use around livestock, dogs, cats, birds & wildlife when used as directed
      • Product is non-toxic to people when used according to instructions
      • Multi Feed - Lethal dose over multiple feeds
      • Recommended bait placement areas: Laundry, Inside Roof, Shed, Kitchen