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Tomcat All Weather Blox
Tomcat All Weather Blox
Tomcat All Weather Blox
Tomcat All Weather Blox
Tomcat All Weather Blox

    Tomcat All Weather Blox

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      784g - Contains 28 Blocks
      1.8kg - Contains 64 Blocks
      8kg - Contains 285 Blocks

      TOMCAT Ultra all-weather blocks are easy to handle. Blocks are pre-formed with multiple gnawing edges to ensure exceptional rodent acceptance and reliable results. Can be used for indoor or outdoor placements and in a variety of weather conditions. Block bait is ideally suited for use in either the TOMCAT rat or mouse sized bait station.

      For the control of rats and mice including those resistant to other anticoagulants, in and around domestic, commercial, public services and industrial buildings.

      All purpose 28 gm Tomcat Blox are made with food grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin from a unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple edged bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weatherability of a wax bait. The multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. Use indoors or out. A hole in the centre allows you to place it on securing rods in bait stations or nail or wire it in place.

      Ready to use – fast acting Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait for use in and around homes, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings. A true mouse poison containing bromadiolone.

      Place blocks in mouse poison station and observe Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait take. Replace blocks that become more than 50% eaten to minimise the chance of blocks being removed from mouse poison stations. Maintain the supply of Tomcat Ultra Blox Mouse Poison until Tomcat Ultra Blox Mouse Poison is no longer eaten.

      Where continuous control is required, maintain a steady supply of Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait, replacing uneaten Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait at monthly intervals to ensure Tomcat Ultra Blox Mouse Poison remains fresh. Unlike egg-shaped mouse poisons, Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait cannot be rolled away and are manufactured with a hole in the middle so they can be easily nailed down to prevent ‘stealing and burying away from the site.


      • Block baits are preferred for most baiting situations
      • They are suitable for internal and external use around the home, farm or industrial building
      • Tomcat Blox are easy to use and designed for use in bait stations
      • They are easy to secure for increased pet and child safety
      • Less risk of spillage


      • Always place Tomcat Blox near signs of rodent activity. These include droppings, damage from gnawing, runways, urine stains, grease marks, nesting materials, etc
      • Be sure to check and replace bait as required
      • Make sure you use disposable gloves when handling Tomcat Blox
      • It is recommended to use Tomcat Blox in lockable bait stations to protect bait from non-target species, pets & children as well as weather and other contaminants.

      How to use Tomcat All Weather Blox Bait

      Follow these basic tips when carrying out your pest control programme to ensure you get maximum benefit at minimum cost:

      • Choose the right product for the job and seek advice if required.
      • Anticipate the problem rather than reacting to it.
      • Expose all of the pests to the control measure at the same time and remove all other food options if possible.
      • Follow label directions. This will improve results and minimise the risk to non-target animals.
      • Replenish Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait when they are consumed by pests and offer a generous amount of mouse poison.
      • Manage pest immigration by establishing and maintaining control buffer zones.
      • Also use mouse poison stations to ensure Tomcat Ultra Blox Rat Bait remains fresh and dry plus prevents access by non target species.



      • Reliable all-weather formula.
      • Centre hole feature to secure in bait stations.
      • Low wax content increases bait acceptance.
      • Extruded Blox ensuring even toxicity through the bait.
      • 16 food-grade additives ensures maximum palatability and no stop-feed.
      • Multiple edged shape gives rodents multiple gnawing edges for increased feeding.

      Tomcat All Weather Blocks


      What is the difference between Tomcat (Green Blocks /Pellets) and Tomcat II (Red Blocks/Pellets)?

      These two baits / poisons are made by the same company but feature two different active constituents. Tomcat (Green) contains Bromadiolone and Tomcat II (Red) contains Brodifacoum. As a result, Tomcat II is approximately 4 times stronger than Tomcat. Tomcat blocks are also slightly bigger and denser than Tomcat II, so as a result you will get more blocks / kg with Tomcat II. 

      If potential poisoning of pets or other animals is a concern, then because of its lower toxicity, the green Tomcat would be the product of choice. Tomcat II is more appropriate when rodent numbers are high and for a fast kill.

      Why would I choose one or the other? What is the best bait for me?

      There are several reasons why you would choose either Tomcat or Tomcat II bait. Firstly due to Tomcat being less toxic than Tomcat II this makes it safer for use around non-target animals that could potentially consume the bait directly (primary poisoning) or consume rats and mice that have consumed the bait (secondary poisoning). Tomcat II on the other hand, being 4 times stronger than Tomcat, would be the recommended poison of choice where there is little or no risk of poisoning other non-target animals. Tomcat II is also recommended where a fast ‘clean-out’ of persistent problems is required.

      Tomcat Bait Palatability
      What is Bromadiolone?

      Bromadiolone is a potent rodenticide. It is a second-generation 4-hydroxycoumarin derivative, often called a "super-warfarin" for its added potency and tendency to accumulate in the liver of the poisoned organism. When first introduced to the UK market in 1980, it was effective against the populations that had become resistant to the first generation anticoagulants.

      The product may be used both indoors and outdoors for rats and mice.

      Bromadiolone can be absorbed through the digestive tract, through the lungs, or through skin contact. The pesticide is generally given orally.  The substance is a vitamin K antagonist. The lack of vitamin K in the circulatory system reduces blood clotting and will cause death in large dosages due to internal haemorrhaging.

      Brand: Bell Labs
      Type: Wax Blocks
      Active Ingredient: 0.05g/kg Bromadiolone
      Mixing Rate: Ready-To-Use
      Application Rate: 
      Size: 224g, 784g, 1.8kg, 8kg