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Muskill Soft Bait 10kg
Muskill Soft Bait
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    Muskill Soft Bait

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      MUSKIL is the first ever dual active rodenticide. This patented technology combines two actives together with our unique FLUO-NP Technology™ to create a rodenticide that outperforms any other product in the market in terms of speed of kill and reduced risk to pets. Second to no other bait, MUSKIL features improved palatability for better results. In fact, MUSKIL has been specifically targeted to improve feeding by black rats (Rattus rattus) and the house mouse (Mus musculus); the two most common rodent pests in Australia.

      By combining two actives we create a unique product that kills the toughest rodents, including those resistant to other rodenticides. The two actives combine together to create a synergistic effect with each dynamically intensifying the effects of the other, to create a more potent solution than either alone, yet at the same time achieving reduced risk to people and pets.

      MUSKIL is the first bait in Australia to incorporate FLUO-NP Technology. This stands for Fluorescent – No Phobia Technology. This unique concept decreases the normal neophobia (fear of new things) shown by pest rodents to ensure the rodents feed more quickly on the MUSKIL. Due to the fluorescence, MUSKIL is very visible to rats and mice as it falls much better into their sight spectrum than regular bait colours, therefore the bait is more quickly accepted.

      10 g moist soft bait offers a highly palatable porous sachet to allow the release of aromatics to lure rodents effectively. Suitable for every time of year but particularly desirable to rodents in dry weather since MUSKIL Soft Bait has a high moisture content.

      For safety, MUSKIL also contains a human taste deterrent.

      Brand: Protect-Us
      Type: Soft Bait Sachets (10g)
      Active Ingredient: 0.025g/kg Bromadiolone, 0.025g/kg Difenacoum
      Mixing Rate: Ready-To-Use
      Application Rate: 1 to 3 baits/bait station 
      Size: 3kg or 10kg

      Muskil Soft Bait Safer for dogs