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Fire Fighting Backpack Sprayer
Fire Fighting Backpack Sprayer
Fire Fighting Backpack Sprayer
Fire Fighting Backpack Sprayer

    Fire Fighting Backpack Sprayer

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      Lightweight & Collapsible: Easy to carry into difficult access areas, reducing operator fatigue.
      Durable Materials: Made of fabric with heat-sealed synthetic yarns, featuring a Cordura exterior and replaceable crystal PVC interior.
      Powerful Spraying: Flit-style hand pump and brass sprayer deliver a strong stream, ideal for various fire types.
      Efficient Design: Can be rolled up for compact storage when not in use.
      Versatile Application: Perfect for forest, grass, brush, and rubbish fires, as well as spot fire and burn-off control.

      Looking for a reliable partner in combating fires? The 20L Fire Fighting Backpack is here to stand by your side. Designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind, this backpack is a powerhouse for tackling forest, grass, brush, and rubbish fires. Let’s dive into why this fire-fighting backpack is a must-have for anyone serious about fire control and safety.

      Key Features

      Lightweight and Portable

      First up, this backpack is all about bringing efficiency to your firefighting efforts. Crafted with heat-sealed synthetic yarns, it holds a hefty 20 litres of water while ensuring ease of transport, even in challenging terrains. The design focuses on minimizing fatigue, allowing you to move quicker and work longer without feeling weighed down.

      Compact Yet Mighty

      Furthermore, when it’s not in action, you can simply roll up the backpack to save space, making it perfect for storage in tight spots. The equipped flit-style hand pump and brass sprayer unleash a powerful stream, making it your best bet for quenching spot fires, managing burn-offs, and controlling ash with precision and power.

      Designed for the Toughest Fires

      Recognized as a pivotal tool in forest firefighting, this backpack’s design is both smart and practical. The tank’s double structure, featuring a durable Cordura exterior and a crystal PVC interior, not only securely holds up to 22 litres but is also replaceable if ever damaged. This level of versatility and durability makes it an invaluable asset in the fight against fires.

      User-Centric Operation

      Armed with a double-action manual pump, this backpack puts control in your hands, enabling you to efficiently distribute water and suppress fires. This manual approach ensures reliability and effectiveness, crucial in situations where every second counts.


      Main Material: PVC and Brass
      Sprinkler Installation: External Thread Connection
      Shape: Long Gun
      Colour: Yellow, Red and Black
      Capacity: 20L

      The 20L Fire Fighting Backpack is not just another tool; it’s a vital companion for anyone involved in firefighting, from professionals to volunteers. Its combination of portability, power, and practicality makes it an indispensable asset for effective fire control. Whether you’re facing a forest blaze or managing controlled burns, this firefighting backpack ensures you’re prepared to face the challenge head-on. Gear up with this backpack and bring efficiency, reliability, and safety to your firefighting efforts.