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Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill - 600g

    Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill - 600g

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      Economical Bulk Size: 600g jar equivalent to 50 sachets, providing excellent value.

      Eco-Friendly Formula: Non-toxic, made from food-grade ingredients, safe for family and pets.

      Broad-Spectrum Effectiveness: Attracts a wide range of fly species over 300m2 area.
      Compatible with Envirosafe Traps: Perfect for refilling both the Regular and Jumbo Fly Catchers.


      New to the Envirosafe range, the Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill is a value pack of Envirosafe’s great bait! This value-packed 600g jar is designed to seamlessly complement the Envirosafe Regular Fly Trap and the Jumbo Fly Catcher – Envirosafe. For customers who already appreciate the effectiveness of these traps, the bulk refill is a game-changer, offering the equivalent of 50 refill sachets from the original packs. This means not only do you get more value for your money, but you also enjoy the convenience of having a long-lasting supply, making it easier than ever to maintain fly-free environments in larger areas or across multiple traps.

      What Makes Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill Unique?
      This value pack of EnviroSafe Eco-Bait, is a revolutionary, non-toxic bait that is simply irresistible to flies. This unique formula is made from food-grade ingredients, ensuring it is safe for use around your family, pets, and home. The Eco-Bait’s effectiveness extends over an area of more than 300m2, providing extensive coverage and peace of mind.

      Benefits of Choosing Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill
      Highly Effective Fly Attraction: The EnviroSafe Eco-Bait is specially formulated to attract a broad range of fly species.

      Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly: Safety is a top priority. The bait is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it a responsible choice for households.

      Harmless to Pets: This Eco-Bait is completely harmless to animals, allowing you to use it worry-free in your home and garden.

      Economical Bulk Packaging: Ideal for large areas or multiple traps, the 600g jar offers great value and ensures you have a plentiful supply of bait!

      How to Use
      Using the Eco-Bait is straightforward. Simply refill your Envirosafe Regular Fly Trap or Jumbo Fly Catcher with the amount of bait recommended in the instructions. The bait’s powerful attractant qualities will take care of the rest, drawing flies into the trap where they cannot escape.

      Who Should Choose Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill?
      The Envirosafe Fly Trap Bulk Refill is the perfect choice for customers who:

      • Have large areas to protect from flies.
      • Use multiple Envirosafe Fly Traps.
      • Seek an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution for fly control.
      • Require an effective and long-lasting fly bait solution.

      To Sum it Up
      In summary, this Eco-Bait offers an unparalleled combination of effectiveness, safety, and value. If you’re looking to save on refill packs for these great traps, this bulk refill will be the one for you!