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      Envirosafe Mosquito Drops are a unique liquid Mosquito control. They work by forming a very thin silicone film on water surfaces thereby suffocating immature mosquito stages and disrupting the Mosquito lifecycle. In some instances young wrigglers may still be present after treatment but these will be eliminated before they can turn into adults.

      The Envirosafe Mosquito Drops are the result of research and development of liquids which spread across the surfaces of water. The product has a purely physical action as does not contain any toxic chemicals. Its strong spreading action ensures that it will move around vegetation and other obstacles on the surface and is highly resistant to wind or ripple action. It is also unaffected by rain falling on the surface.

      Unlike bed nets and chemical spraying, which are aimed at adult mosquitoes, Envirosafe Mosquito Drops are aimed at the mosquito breeding stages and is therefore complementary to these methods.

      Envirosafe Mosquito Drops also have advantages over chemical and biological larvicides:

      • special equipment is not needed, and it can be applied by the general public.
      • its efficacy is not affected in heavily polluted water.
      • it has an impact on all stages of the breeding cycle – not just on one stage.
      • unlike chemical larvicides it is non-toxic.

      In addition Envirosafe Mosquito Drops have a physical action rather than a chemical action and mosquitoes cannot develop a resistance too it. This is a very important advantage, as there is emerging evidence that commonly used mosquito control measures are becoming ineffective.

      The drops will not harm aquatic life such as fish, frogs and water birds. They should not however be added to drinking water as the drops have not been assessed for this use.

      The recommended application rate is 1 ml per square metre of water surface (10 litres per hectare). Trials have shown that it is effective on the surface for 4 weeks, except in the most extreme conditions. For almost all situations Envirosafe Mosquito Drops can be simply trickled onto the water and it will spread across the surface.

      This includes ponds, bird baths, gutters, water features, blocked drains, septic tanks, puddles, construction sites and other standing water in suburban and regional environments. In these situations it can be applied directly from the Envirosafe Mosquito Drops squeeze bottle.

      The Product has government APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) approval.