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Commercial Rodent Bait Station
Commercial Rodent Bait Station
Commercial Rodent Bait Station
Commercial Rodent Bait Station

    Commercial Rodent Bait Station

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      Excellent design that features four vertical bait holders

      A high capacity design suitable for mice and rats.

      High quality and tamper resistant professional rodent bait station.

      High capacity bait chamber built to allow horizontal and vertical bait placement.

      Ramped entrance into bait chamber helps prevent any water from entering and affecting bait.

      Easily serviced as the design allows for it to be opened even when flush mounted.

      Heavy duty design using thick walled plastic – designed to withstand being stepped on without damage.

      Rotating hinge design provides years of dependable service, unlike most stations that use a hinge permanently attached to the base.

      Heavy duty single key lock helps cut down the service time compared to other bait stations.

      Low profile design for increased rodent activity.

      Instructions supplied and includes rods for bait (Bait not included).

      Commercial Rodent Bait Station is a heavy duty rodent bait station that is built using a thick plastic that can withstand the pressure of being stepped on without being damaged. The station is equipped with rotating hinges that provide a durable and dependable station to be used for many years. It is also tamper-proof to keep children, pets and non-intended targets safe, with the product only being able to be opened via key.  If you are looking for a professional station for baiting rodents at an affordable price, the Commercial Rodent Bait is a solid option.

      To use Commercial Rodent Bait Stations you will need your choice of bait blocks with pre-drilled holes, or bait pellets. We also recommend using gloves when handling the station and loading it with bait.

      Commercial Rodent Bait Station can be used in residential and commercial areas, hospitals, office buildings, schools, kitchens, attics and more. For best results, bait stations should be placed up against exterior walls or fence lines, as rats and mice are rarely seen out in the open.

      Commercial Rodent Bait Stations should be used when baiting for rodents when you have children, pets, or livestock around. The bait stations prevent them from having access to the rodent bait blocks or snap traps. Bait stations are great to use when weather conditions can ruin bait making it less effective.

      The Commercial Rodent Bait Station is safe to use around pets and children when used according to the instructions. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling bait and bait stations.

      ommercial Rodent Bait Stations do not come with bait blocks or snap traps. It is also not recommended to use snap traps in this particular station.

      Step 1: Open the bait station with the accompanying key in the two slots located on the front of the station. Push the key down firm and then pull back against the station to release the lock. The lid will open up with the help of the key.
      Step 2: Load bait into the station using either the vertical or horizontal rods by inserting them in their designated locations and then sliding your selected bait block into place. Use vertical rods during hot temperatures so when baits melt they will puddle around the rod. As temperatures cool, it will resolidify around the rod. Use horizontal rods in places where water may rise to keep the bait from getting wet.
      Step 3: Place bait stations along exterior walls or fence lines with the entry holes closest to the barrier. Discard any dead rodents and check bait stations daily and re-fill with bait until rodent activity has stopped. We suggest not washing the bait station until the treatment process is completed, as clean stations will turn rodents away.