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Cockroach Gel Applicator Gun

    Cockroach Gel Applicator Gun

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      Very high quality, robust, simple to use, low-cost Cockroach Gel Applicator, can be used for all syringe-style cockroach bait currently available.

      Universal Cockroach Gel Applicator gun for use with Cockroach Gel tubes to allow precise application of product into hard to get places.

      Cockroach baits are often combined with liquid spray applications for many household pests, such as cockroaches and ants. Cockroach Gel application precision is important because of product costs and non-target exposure. This Cockroach Gel Applicator is the best choice for accurate placement of Cockroach Gel baits.

      The ergonomic design reduces fatigue during limited or extensive use.

      This product has a ratchet system which allows exact measurement of Cockroach Gel.

      It is compatible with the most of brands such as Bayer, Dupont,, Maxforce and BASF gel cartridges.

      NOTE: This product does not come with cockroach gel tube as shown in picture.  Gel must be purchased separately.

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