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Aquacell Insect Gun
Aquacell Insect Gun
Aquacell Insect Gun
Aquacell Insect Gun
Aquacell Insect Gun

    Aquacell Insect gun

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      Rapid knockdown - KILLS crawling & flying insects

      AQUACELL INSECT GUN offers a unique toxin-free pest control solution and employs a purely physical mode of action to encase and quickly immobilise a wide range of insects and arachnids (spiders and scorpions) from cockroaches to bed bugs and house flies to mosquitoes.

      It's a NATURALLY DERIVED product with a PLANT BASED ACTIVE INGREDIENT in a water-based spray that acts like a spider web to encase and immobilise insects, killing them dead in their tracks.

      •     Toxin-free
      •     Every ingredient food-grade
      •     Active derived from pine trees grown in sustainable forests
      •     Rapidly immobilises & kills pest insects
      •     Works like a sprayable spider’s web
      •     Kills insects resistant to traditional insecticides
      •     Water-based spray
      •     Ready-to-use
      •     All organic
      •     500ml

      USES SAME FOOD GRADE POLYMER FOUND IN CAPSULE COATINGS. AQUACELL employs a novel cellulose polymer extracted from pine trees grown in sustainable plantations. This food-grade polymer is widely used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries as a capsule coating for medications; and in the food industry as a filler in processed foods. In fact, every component used in the formulation of AQUACELL is food-grade and approved for use in foods for human consumption