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Deadant Fire Ant Granules
Anteater Granules 10g

    AntEater Fire Ant Killer Granules

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      • Australian made
      • It is not a scheduled poison so it is safe for people, animals and the environment
      • Highly effective for control of Fire Ants as well as other nuisance ants
      • Ready to use - no mixing required
      • Easy to apply granular formulation

      ANTEATER™ Fire Ant & Nuisance Ants Killer Granules is a non-scheduled poison with an excellent safety profile for home users and the environment due to its targeted application.

      ANTEATER™ Fire Ant & Nuisance Ants Killer Granules does not require mixing or specialised application equipment to apply treatments.

      ANTEATER™ Fire Ant & Nuisance Ants Killer Granules is used for the control of Argentine stem weevil, Funnel ants, Red imported fire ants, Yellow crazy ants and all other Nuisance ants in Turf (for example lawns, commercial turf farms, parks, recreational areas, golf courses, bowling greens, sports fields etc) and external surrounds of buildings and structures including gardens, lawns and direct onto ant nests and trails.

      ANTEATER™ Key Features:

      • fast acting formulation
      • odourless
      • easy to use
      • requires no mixing or cleaning up afterwards
      • is a safe non-scheduled treatment
      • kills the Queen and destroys the nest
      • Non-scheduled poison – safe for people, animals and the environment
      • No mixing required
      • No special equipment required to apply treatment
      • Convenient ready to use formulation
      • For best results apply along ant trails and onto nests
      • Broad spectrum
      • Ideal around sensitive areas
      • Does not matter whether ants are sugar, protein or oil feeding preference – DEADANT Fire Ant & Nuisance Ants Killer Granules controls the lot!
      • Also approved for treating Argentine stem weevil
      • Made in Australia

      About Fire Ants
      Fire Ants are one of the world’s most invasive ant species. They pose a major threat to the environment and the Australian economy. Their stings can kill people, livestock and native animals. Fire Ant stings are extremely painful especially when an individual or animal is stung multiple times. They are extremely aggressive.
      Overseas, in places like the United States, Fire Ants have killed people due to anaphylaxis after being bitten. They can kill native birds, mammals, reptiles and frogs as well as have a major impact on agriculture and livestock.
      Fire ants were first found in Brisbane in 2001 but have now spread further south and have crossed in NSW. They have been found as far south as Ballina on the NSW north coast.
      If the spread of fire ants is not contained, parks, gardens and backyards may become unusable, homes may become uninhabitable and farmland unsuitable for grazing of animals. This will have a major economic and ecological impact. It is believed that up 99% of Australia’s mainland is potentially habitable for fire ants.

      What do Fire Ants look like?
      Fire Ants are copper brown in colour with a darker abdomen. They are generally around 2-6mm in length. Fire ant nests can be dome shaped or flat like disrupted soil. If disturbed, they are very aggressive and will swarm and sting the animal or person who disturbs them.