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German Cockroach Control Kit
German Cockroach Control Kit Application
German Cockroach Control Kit
German Cockroach Control Kit
Maxforce Gold Applying to Cupboard Hinge
Maxforce Gold Applying to Microwave
German Cockroach Control Kit Maxforce Gold
Lo Line cockroach trap in use

    German Cockroach Control Kit

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      The Complete 'Do it Yourself' German Cockroach Control Kit



      Active Ingredient(s) - 0.3 g/kg fipronil

      Getting rid of German Cockroaches? We have the answer. Maxforce Gold Cockroach Bait Gel is a cockroach bait for the treatment of German Cockroach infestations.

      • Fast results
      • Excellent palatability
      • Domino Effect (transfer of active substance from cockroach to cockroach leading to dramatically improved results)
      • Very low levels of active substance used
      • Highly safe method of German Cockroach control
      • Unobtrusive application technique
      • Minimal PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) required
      • The most effective way to get rid of German Cockroaches


        • Easy to use
        • Proprietary dry touch glue for long lasting German Cockroach trapping without sticky fingers
        • Scientifically designed for the best results by using German Cockroach behaviour against it
        • Tablet lure uses known and approved flavour compound food ingredients
        • Simple to fold and assemble.
        • Low profile for placement under and within items such as fridges, ovens, inside cupboards.
        • Angled entry ramps, fold at both ends, ensures German Cockroaches enter first time and cannot escape
        • Side entry windows for additional access points. When placed against walls the printed text facing in one direction helps technicians to determine from which direction German Cockroaches approach the trap.
        • Attractant is designed to be an irresistible lure for the German Cockroach
        • Glue designed to catch adults and nymphs of all major pest species.  The Agrisense lo-line trap is the industry standard German Cockroach trap. Its ease of use and proven performance make it the trap of choice for professional pest controllers.

        German Cockroach control kit instructions

        Adult German Cockroach


        Probably the most commonly encountered cockroach in houses and food processing establishments is the German Cockroach. The German Cockroach seeks out conditions that provide warmth, moisture and food. As a result the vast majority of German Cockroach infestations are found in domestic kitchens, commercial kitchens and other food handling areas.

        German Cockroaches will often be found in kitchen cupboards and hinges, behind ovens, fridge motors, under sinks, inside pantries and storerooms, in and around hot water heaters, inside and under other appliances including microwaves, toasters and kettles.

        Adult German Cockroaches are light amber-brown in colour, about 12-15mm long and winged but they do not fly. Egg cases are usually carried by the female until just before hatching and can contain 30-40 eggs. German Cockroaches will eat almost any organic material found in food handling areas such as food scraps, crumbs, built up grease, etc. When there is sufficient water available an adult German Cockroach can survive up to a month without food.


        Although German Cockroaches are winged they do not seem to fly. Its widespread dispersal is largely a result of human activities. Egg cases, nymphs and adult German Cockroaches are transported from place to place in food packaging, cardboard boxes, shopping bags, produce, etc. Due to their small size, German Cockroaches are able to establish themselves in the smallest cracks and crevices where they breed prolifically allowing large populations to build up extremely quickly particularly during the warmer summer months.


        1. Thoroughly inspect the premises for areas of German Cockroach infestation using a good torch. Focus on cracks and crevices around kitchen bench tops & cupboards, cupboard hinges, fridge motors, behind & under ovens, appliances, pantries and storerooms, etc. Note: If the infestation is extensive, German Cockroaches may also be infesting other areas of the premises such as laundry and bathroom areas.
        2. Once you have identified German Cockroach harbourages you can apply the Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel. Place small 'pea sized' spots in or near the areas of infestation. German Cockroaches will ingest the gel and die a short time later.
        3. Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel is designed to have a 'domino effect' on German Cockroach infestations. This means once a German Cockroach has ingested the gel their contaminated faeces and bodies will contaminate other German Cockroaches in the population without them having to directly eat the gel. 
        4. The Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel may need to be replenished if the previous application has been consumed and German Cockroaches remain present. Increasing the number of spots in heavily infested areas may also be required.
        5. Install the Lo Line Cockroach Traps. Good areas to install the Lo Line Cockroach Traps include behind or under fridges, beside ovens, in the back of cupboards, other discreet areas where German Cockroaches have been sighted.
        6. These Lo Line Cockroach Traps are very helpful in both reducing German Cockroach numbers as well as monitoring future activity. They should be checked regularly and the number of caught German Cockroaches should be noted.


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