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Advion Ant Gel
Advion Ant Gel applying to window sill
Advion Ant Gel
Ants eating Advion Ant Gel
Ants eating Advion Ant Gel
Ants eating Advion Ant Gel

    Advion Ant Gel

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      • Market leader - very popular choice for pest control technicians
      • Highly effective on all major pest ant species
      • Extremely palatable
      • Contains the active ingredient indoxacarb which is non-repellent
      • Ideal product for use in both commercial & residential properties

      Advion Ant Gel is the ant bait of choice for a large number of professional pest control service providers. This is because it is extremely effective at getting results and reducing call backs. Advion Ant Gel provides superior control against a wide range of pest ants, including protein feeders and all key sugar-feeders. Advion Ant Gel is the leading bait solution for all major pest ant species, including the Argentine Ant, Black House Ant, Coastal Brown Ant, Ghost Ant, Hairy Ant/Crazy Ant, Pedicel Ant, Pennant Ant, Pharaoh’s Ant, Red Imported Fire Ant and Sugar Ant. Advion Ant Gel comes in an easy to use syringe with plunger and applicator tip for crack and crevice and spot treatments.


      Despite their size, ants can present huge problems to properties, businesses and public institutions. Advion Ant gel bait from Syngenta provides unmatched control over a diverse spectrum of ants, including all sweet feeder ants. Its highly palatable formula delivers rapid results and maintains integrity over longer periods for increased  effectiveness. Labeled for application indoors and outdoors, Advion Ant is the solution to solve your customers’ ant problems quickly and effectively, so they can spend their time and energy on what is important to them.

      Commanding Gel Formulation

      The formulation of Advion Ant combines food-grade inert carriers, highly effective attractants and carbohydrates to enhance the appeal to targeted ants. Ants find Advion Ant so attractive that they have shown favor to it over other food sources. The slight delay in ant mortality, caused by the active ingredient, indoxacarb, allows ants to consume the bait and return to the nest to contaminate other ants, resulting in significant reduction in ant populations.

      A Differentiating Mode of Action

      Advion Ant can effectively differentiate between target insects and non-target insects. The mode of action in Advion Ant targets the insect’s metabolic process by bioactivating the active ingredient, indoxacarb, within target insects.

      Target Insects
      Upon entering an insect, indoxacarb is converted into a new molecule with insecticidal properties. This process is activated specifically by the insect’s own enzymes.

      Non-Target Insects
      The bioactivation process of Advion Ant is not as efficient within most non-target insects, so they are less likely to be affected by the product.

      How to use Advion Ant Gel

      • Targets most pest species of ants, including all key sweet feeders
      • Features a highly attractive, homogeneous formulation
      • Indoxacarb, the active ingredient, is the only member of its class of chemistry, so it performs like no other insecticide


      • Ants consume more Advion Ant gel bait over an extended period, resulting in thorough control of the infestation
      • By combining a proprietary active ingredient with a highly attractive gel formulation, Advion Ant provides a powerful tool for broad-spectrum ant control
      • The translucent, no odor, non-staining formulation maintains its integrity for extended periods

      Brand: Syngenta
      Type: Ant Gel Bait in Syringe
      Active Ingredient: 0.5g/kg Indoxacarb
      Mixing rate: Ready to Use
      Application Rate: Apply as small spots (1g) or lines of gel 2.5mm wide x 50mm long
      Size: 30g