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Vectorfog H200SF Thermal Fogger
Vectorfog H200SF Thermal Fogger In use
Vectorfog H200SF Thermal Fogger In use
Vectorfog H200SF Thermal Fogger In use

    VectorFog H200SF Thermal Fogger

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      The new Vectorfog H200SF has been specially designed for the application of water and oil based solutions. With its unique Dual-Point inlet technology and a specially designed nozzle for enhanced dispersion, this versatile fogger will allow you to tackle any job, from plant protection and animal health disinfection, to the control of vector carriers and pests. As with the H200 model, this fogger features include a 6.5 litre stainless steel tank, a flow rate of 50 LPH and automatic start. This fogger has also been manufactured using high grade stainless steel, providing the user, with years of durability and performance.

      • Tank Capacity 6.5 Litres
      • Fuel Petrol
      • Engine Pulse Jet
      • Droplet Size 5 – 30 microns
      • Net Weight 10.8 kg
      • Dimensions 135 x 29 x 29 cm

      Whether you're being plagued by pests, making a pre-emptive strike to stay in control, or sanitizing your grow house, look no further.

      The VectorFog 200SF Thermal Fogger is efficient, convenient, and powerful!

      Use in a variety of settings - for both industrial and household applications, indoor and outdoor, where ever pest control or sanitation is required.


      • Gas-powered (no cords)
      • Powerful and Durable
      • Powered by patented pulse jet engine - auto-ignite button
      • Spraying range average 60 feet - cover more area quickly
      • Body and solution tank constructed of high-quality stainless steel
      • Spray distance 20-25 metres oil based solutions
      • Spray distance 9 metres water based solutions
      • Effective for warehouses, greenhouses, backyards, farms, gardens, and houses
      • Efficient
      • Disperses oil or water-based fogging solutions such as insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, and disinfectants through Dual Point Inlet technology(separate inlets along fog tube controlled by a valve )
      • Patented stainless steel nozzle produces particles 5-30 microns that allow it to stay in the air longer for better coverage.
      • Adjustable flow rate and fog
      • Convenient

      Vectorfog H200SF Basic Principle of thermal fogging

      VectorFog H200SF Thermal Foggers are powered using the pulse jet principle. Pulse jet engines don’t have any moving parts; instead they have a funnel shaped combustion chamber similar to a rocket engine which opens into a long resonator or exhaust pipe.

      VectorFog H200SF thermal foggers have an auto start and operate through compressed air via a compressor. When the auto start button is pressed, the compressed air pressurizes the fuel tank, causing fuel to flow to the injector and then into the carburettor. Air/fuel mixture is then ignited by a spark plug in the carburettor. The spark is created by an ignition coil which is powered by a rechargeable battery. The ignition coil, battery and compressor are all housed in the base of the machine.

      Operating at its optimum performance, combustion and injection is repeated with a frequency of around 200-250 cycles per second. Once the machine starts, the chemical tank also becomes pressurized by means of a non-return valve. A close valve and supply valve are then opened to allow the flow of the chemical/oil solution in to the resonator. At this stage the solution is heated up to around 500C and dispersed into millions of tiny droplets (around 10 microns) creating a dense and visible smoke.


      • 1 - Owners Manual
      • 1 - Battery Charger
      • 1 - Shoulder Strap
      • 1 - Tool Bag
      • 1 - Replacement Parts Kit
      • 1 - Large Spanner Wrench
      • 1 - Cleaning Brush
      • 3 - Wrenches
      • 1 - screwdriver

      When fogging outdoors, you should only fog for short periods at a time and when there is not much wind.

      When fogging indoors you should start at the furthest part of the building and work your way back until you get to the entrance or exit.

      It’s essential to read the chemical manufacturer’s instructions before you start applying, including diluting ratio and safety precautions.

      Only experienced personnel should operate this equipment.

      You must exercise caution if fuel is spilt, in order to avoid the risk of fire.

      Vectorfog H200SF Specifications Table

      Vectorfog H200SF Parts List