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Synergy Pro Granular Ant Bait
Synergy Pro 500g
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    Synergy Pro Granular Ant Bait

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      Synergy Pro ant bait is the most advanced ant bait on the market, designed to make ant control simple. The unique, granular formulation contains.

      Two different food granules for broad spectrum control throughout the year
      Two different actives to target worker and reproductive ants for complete colony control

      Why two different food granules?

      Although some ant species tend to prefer a specific type of food, be it sugar, protein or oil, many ant species will eat a wide range of foods. Furthermore, even ants with a particular preference often change their diet throughout the year to meet the requirements of the colony. For example many ant species (even sugar feeders) will require food with a higher protein content when the colony is producing young. With most ant bait formulations containing only a single food group, pest professionals need to carry a range of different baits. Knowing which bait to use for a particular species at a certain time of the year can be a challenge and if there are multiple species to control, it may be necessary to apply several different baits. Synergy Pro ant bait was developed with the objective of providing pest professionals with a single product that could be used in a wide variety of situations. It’s not just a question of mixing all the ingredients in one granule, after all who likes their starter, main course and desert all blended together? Synergy Pro ant bait contains two different granule formulations to ensure broad appeal to a wide range of species throughout the year. Some species may take both granules, others only the granule that meets their food preference / colony requirements. The ants have their choice and you have control!

      Why two different actives?

      To gain complete control, baits need to be spread throughout the colony and kill the queen. However, some baits work too fast and the colony detects the problem and stop feeding on the bait before it gets to the queens. Other baits are not rejected by workers but are rejected by queens, as the queens appear to be more sensitive to certain actives, making the bait repellent. Either way it is not uncommon for baits to kill a large number of workers, giving you the appearance of colony control. However, the bait is often not delivered to the queen. As a result the queen continues laying eggs and a few weeks later, the problem returns! This is especially a problem with species with multiple queens – all the queens need to be killed to get lasting control. Synergy Pro ant bait has been designed to maximise distribution within the colony. Synergy Pro utilizes a unique dual active system, each granule contains a mixture of hydramethylnon and pyriproxyfen (IGR). By reducing the level of individual actives but using the actives in combination, bait attractiveness can be maintained without compromising effectiveness. With pyriproxyfen having a specific action that targets the queen, you are maximising the chances of achieving colony control and lasting protection.