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Solo 452 Backpack Motorised Mist Blower
Solo 452 Backpack Motorised Mist Blower

    Solo 452 Backpack Motorised Mist Blower

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      A new model joining the ranks of some of the most popular misters in the world. SOLO’s 452 has various applications; in agriculture, horticulture, pest control, and disinfection.  Sample applications include:

      • Plant protection (woodland and crop plantations)
      • Fruit and vine growing environments
      • Disinfection
      • Parasite control in animal herds, stables, storage areas, ships, and containers


      1. New 66.5 cc engine to generate a fan air volume of max. 824 cfm for total plant penetration.
      2. Aluminum crankcase and high quality engine components for increased power output even under high temperature operating conditions
      3. Increased engine performance converts to higher misting performance
      4. Improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions with modern engine technology and catalytic converter.
      5. Large 1.4 litres capacity fuel tank combined with low fuel consumption allow long operating periods.
      6. Easy starting, fuel pump assisted.
      7. Effective vibration dampening
      8. Single multi-function operating handle.
      9. Efficient air filtering system, easy to maintain.
      10. Comfortable, padded carrying straps.
      11. Compact size, low weight.


      • Weight 12 kg
      • Dimensions 71 × 52 × 33 cm
      • Tank Capacity 12L
      • Engine SOLO 2-stroke
      • Fuel Tank Capacity 1.4L
      • Engine Capacity 66.5 cc
      • Max Engine Power (ISO 8893) 2.1 kW (2.9HP), 5750 rpm
      • Max fan air volume 1400 m3/h / 824 cfm
      • Air filter cartridge Foam filter
      • Horizontal Reach 11 m
      • Carburator Diaphragm with primer pump
      • Standard delivery SOLO special misting nozzle with 4 settings, wide spray grille
      • Weight 9.6 kg
      • Dimensions without Spray Tube 67.9 cm X 49.3cm X 29.2 cm