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Solo 433 20 Litre Professional Backpack Sprayer
Solo 433 20 Litre Professional Backpack Sprayer
Solo 433 20 Litre Professional Backpack Sprayer

    Solo 433 20 Litre Professional Backpack Sprayer

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      Features a genuine Honda 4-Stroke engine with plenty of power.

      Application: Plant protection for tall plantings; including trees, larger shrubs and fruit trees. Also suitable in agricultural contexts, such as crop protection. Public gardens and areas involving landscaping can also be serviced.

      The adjustable operating pressure of the push-pull piston pump reaches up to 30 bar, enabling this unit to deliver the finest spray – even high up – at a flow rate of up to 2 l/min. Long working stretches without refilling are ensured by capacities of 20 litres. A practical drain connector underneath the container enables complete draining of residual liquid. The 433 is equipped with a 50 cm stainless steel spray wand and a pressure gauge on the sturdy, quick-release handle, which allows the pressure to be matched to any application. Supplied with a high quality, double flat-jet nozzle, with stainless steel nozzle discs. With the right accessories you can discover the powerful advantages of this motorised sprayer.


      • 50cm stainless steel spray wand
      • Robust manual valve with silicone-dampened pressure gauge
      • Large filling & cleaning aperture
      • Twin nozzle
      • Ergonomically shaped tank made from UV-stabilised plastic with confortable padded backpack frame,wide shoulder strap genuine Honda
      • Powerfull 4-stoke engine
      • Long high pressure hose for stress-free arm movements
      • Up to 30 bar operating pressure.
      • Piston Pump with 2.4L/min flow rate at 30 bar.
      • Stainless steel spray wand for really high pressure.
      • Finest mist spray, even at extreme heights.
      • Petrol motor - 4-stroke Honda GX25
      • Capacity (cm3) - 25
      • 20L Capacity
      • Spray Pressure (bar) - Up to 30psi
      • Standard Delivery (L/min) - 2.4 max (Standard Nozzle)


      Engine - Honda GX 25 4-stroke 
      Sound Pressure Level - 82 dB(A)
      Sound Power Level - 95 dB(A)
      Vibration Value - <=2m/s2
      Tank Capacity - 20L
      Stainless Steel Double Nozzle - yes
      Max Adjustable Spray Pressure - up to 30 bar
      Spray Volume L/min with Standard Nozzle - 1.0 | at 5 bar, 1.7 | 10 bar, 2.0 | 20 bar, 2.4 | 30 bar
      Weight - 8.3
      Pressure Gauge - yes
      Standard Delivery - Stainless Steel Spray wand