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Solar Animal Away Elite

    Solar Animal Away Elite

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      The latest technology in solar-powered animal repelling that includes sonic and ultrasonic capabilities.

      The Solar Ultrasonic Repeller is a perfect device when you don’t have the ability to plug into mains power, but you wish to keep problematic animals away from a specific area around your home. Works well on:

      • Birds
      • Possums
      • Cats and Dogs
      • Rabbits
      • Foxes


      • 25metre Motion Detection range.
      • Sonic and Ultrasonic settings
      • Flashing Strobe light deterrent.
      • Can be powered by alkaline batteries in low light environments.
      • Either hang on a fence, place on a wall or use supplied stake.
      • Multiple settings for varying animals.
      • Targets: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.
      • The Solar Ultrasonic Repeller repels a wide range of animals and birds.
      • The unit is solar-powered.
      • Environmentally friendly and chemical-free.
      • Easy to use, has a motion sensor so that the device is not continuously being activated.
      • Simple to install and can be installed just about anywhere. It can even be staked into the ground.
      • Note: for easy re-attachment of the backing panel, soak in hot water for a few seconds. The unit must be charged for 2 days in direct sunlight before first use.


      Ultrasonic sound waves
      • Sweep frequency: 10-50khz
      • 4 fixed frequency’s: 16,5khz, 25khz, 33khz, 40khz
      • Ultrasonic is very effective against a wide range of pest animals.

      Sonic sound waves

      • The unit emits 17 different auditory distress calls (for repelling birds)
      • The unit emits 9 different auditory distress sounds (for repelling animals)
      • Sonic Sound is a good deterrent against birds & most pest animals.
      • Strobe light
      • 6 LED lights
      • Modes: 24hr, Day and Night Mode.
      • The strobe light is a very effective deterrent against most birds and pest animals.

      Motion Sensor Range

      • Solar Ultrasonic Repeller has a range of up to 25 metres.
      • Detection angles – Vertical 90° degrees | Horizontal 145° degrees
      • The Solar Animal Away Elite works for 8-12 seconds when it detects a pest within its range.


      Size: 26 x 15 x 11
      Weight: 1kg