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Snap Trap - Mouse

    Snap Trap - Mouse

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      This Mouse Trap embodies the most up-to-date design and technology.

      Mouse Trap is ideal for commercial and residential accounts, offering Pest Managers easy use on the job. It sets in one motion, like the Rat Snap Trap. The same motion provides "no-touch" disposal of the captured mouse. The Mouse Trap built-in bait cup holds a dab of Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel  to entice mice to the mouse trap. The cup can be removed safely and easily for servicing. Position Mouse Trap along walls or wherever mice travel.

      For discreet placement, two Mouse Traps will fit in most Bait Stations.  Features:

      • Modern Design
      • Plastic Base
      • Easy to bait, set and release
      • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


      It is a simple device with a heavily spring-loaded bar and a trip to release it. Cheese may be placed on the trip as bait, but other food such as oats, chocolate, bread, meat, butter and peanut butter are commonly used. The spring-loaded bar swings down rapidly and with great force when anything, usually a mouse, touches the trip. The design is such that the mouse's neck or spinal cord will be broken, or its ribs or skull crushed, by the force of the bar. The trap can be held over a toilet or bin and the dead mouse released into it by pulling the bar.