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Rodilon Pro Rodenticide Soft Bait

    Rodilon Pro Rodenticide Soft Bait

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      There’s never been a rodenticide like Rodilon before. Rodilon represents a combination of the most recently developed anti-coagulant active ingredient (difethialone) with arguably the most palatable rodent bait matrix available. With unrivalled efficacy against both rats and mice this combination makes for a powerful product thatcan achieve rapid control of all rodent infestations. Use it as the first line of attack to get fast results in your rodent control program.


      • Contains difethialone – the most recently developed active ingredient for rodent control – in a ‘soft-block’ formulation. Highly palatable formulation providing highest level of bait acceptance (trials against both rats and mice show higher levels of consumption than other wax or mini-block formulations). 
      • ‘Single-feed’ rodenticide – provides rapid results. 
      • Equally effective against both rats and mice.
      • Maximum potency – available only to Professional Pest Control operators 
      • Bait matrix is enclosed in a paper sachet, reducing potential handling exposure to the bait, but not limiting efficacy (rodents chew through the sachet).
      • Baits can easily be secured in stations (eg. with wire).
      • Bait stays attractive and effective even under humid conditions.
      • Soft blocks do not disintegrate into small fragments (producing spillage risk) even when gnawed by rodents.
      • Contains Bitrex – a human taste deterrent
      • Antidote is available.


      3–6 blocks per bait station – depending on the level of infestation present.

      Difethialone is a powerful anti-coagulant active ingredient which is highly effective at very low doses (compare level of difethialone in Rodilon, 0.025 g/kg; against standard concentrations of brodifacoum in most currently used baits, 0.05 g/kg). However, coupled with its persistency, it can still present a risk of secondary poisoning in non-target animals if label directions are not followed.

      Use Rodilon as part of an integrated rodent management programme utilising other non-chemical methods (eg. proofing, elimination of access to other food sources) to assist in achieving sustainable rodent management.

      Ensure that any dead rodents are collected during course of treatment (to reduce risk of secondary poisoning).

      Ensure baits are placed in areas inaccessible to children and domestic animals (due to its very high palatability the bait blocks may be attractive to other animals like dogs).


      Active ingredient - 0.025 g/kg difethialone
      Chemical Group - Anti-coagulant
      Formulation type - Ready to use bait
      Pack size available - 5 kg bucket
      APVMA Approval number: 61167
      AQIS IOA Status: Category 15 Type C
      Poisons Schedule: Schedule 6 – Poison