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Really Serious! Pro Fly Trap Granules

    Really Serious! Pro Fly Trap Granules

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      Size: 400g (8 x 50g sachets)

      Really Serious! Pro® Fly-Trap Granules

      Natural Fly Attractant Granules for Use with the REALLY SERIOUS! PRO® FLY-TRAP.

      100% natural food-based formulation.

      This is ideal for use around livestock, domestic, commercial, public and industrial buildings, facilities and structures. It represents an ideal solution for both zootechnical (e.g. stables, animal shelters in general) and civil environments (e.g. food industries, camping sites, landfills, farms, holiday resorts, etc.).

      REALLY SERIOUS! PRO® FLY-TRAP water-soluble sachets dissolve in the water in the REALLY SERIOUS! PRO® FLY-TRAP to attract most common species of nuisance flies including house flies (Musca domestica), flesh flies (Sarcophaga spp), blow flies (Calliphoridae family), lesser house flies (Fannia canicularis) and horse flies (Tabanidae family).

      Fly Granules Size: 400g (8 x 50g sachets)
      Type: Water Dispersible Granule Bait Sachets
      Active Ingredients: Natural Food Lure