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RATSAK Fast Action Wax Blocks 1kg
RATSAK Fast Action Wax Blocks 1kg

    RATSAK Fast Action Wax Blocks 1kg

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      Hearing scratching in the roof or walls? Detecting any odd smells? Don’t let dirty no good rats and mice invade your home! Rodents carry disease, contaminate food, damage wiring and carry other pests such as fleas, lice and ticks. RATSAK® is the trusted, market-leading brand for rodent control solutions. If you have a rodent problem, trust Ratsak to have the rodent solution with a unique set of baits, traps and repellents to win the war on rodents. Ratsak® – Kills rats & mice.

      • Hole in centre of block designed for pinning or tying
      • Fast-acting - Kills rats and mice in one feed
      • Contains a bittering agent to help prevent accidental consumption by children and pets
      • Mould and wet weather resistant – perfect for outdoor areas that are damp or wet
      • Ideal for use in Ratsak Ready To Use Bait Stations

      Ratsak Fast Action Rat and Mouse Wax Blocks kill rats and mice with a single feed. Easy to use, they are mould and wet weather-resistant, so they can be used in wet and dry areas. RATSAK Fast Action is based on the active constituent brodifacoum, which is effective with rodent populations that have developed resistance to other rodenticides. The fast-acting active ingredient in the bait kills rats and mice in a single feed. RATSAK Fast Action Wax Blocks come in a 1kg pack size that contains 66 Wax Blocks. Less than one gram will kill a mouse and 4-6 grams will kill a rat.

      Model Name RATSAK Fast Action Wax Blocks - 66 Pack
      Model Number 53128
      Material Wax blocks
      Colour Other
      Weight 1kg
      Animal Type Rodents
      Indoor Use Yes
      Outdoor Use Yes
      Safety Instructions Place baits where they are inaccessible to children, animals or birds. Do not allow the bait to enter drains, sewers, streams or ponds. Dispose of dead rodents safely. Do not use bait containers for any other purpose.
      Delivery Method Brodifacoum is a fast acting anti-coagulant which will kill rats and mice 4 – 7 days after consumption.