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Pestrol Ultra x 2 - SPECIAL OFFER
Pestrol Ultra burst of pyrethrum

    Pestrol Ultra x 2 - SPECIAL OFFER

    $99.95 $150.00
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      Available Options:

      • 2 x Indoor Units
      • 2 x Outdoor Units
      • 1 x Indoor / 1 x Outdoor Unit

      Purchase 2 x Automatic Pyrethrum units (Indoor or Outdoor) for a special price of $99.95!

      Latest technology - As heard on Radio Australia wide and seen on TV.

      Formulated with Natural Pyrethrins from Tasmania, natures own protection against ALL insects.

      Works against:

      • Flies
      • Mosquitos
      • Ants
      • Cockroaches
      • Midges
      • Sand Flies
      • Fruit Flies
      • Fles
      • Moths
      • Silverfish
      • Borer (in Flight)
      • Dust Mites

      Our Pyrethrum Dispenser is a continuous automatic insect killer that includes natural pyrethrins. It’s safe around family and pets and you can even leave your doors and windows open.  

      Automatic Pyrethrum Dispensers are a highly effective pest control for your home and/or office.

      The Pyrethrum Dispenser is fully programmable and is powered by 2 high quality alkaline AA batteries that are included.

      The Indoor Unit releases a micro mist (that includes natural pyrethrins) into the atmosphere every 5,10 or 15 minutes, this then travels through the interior by air movement. One single Insect Dispenser Unit will cover approximately 150 square metres or 1500 square feet.  You may need two units if you have a multi story house or need to cover an area bigger than this.

      The Outdoor Unit is fully programmable and is powered by 2 high quality alkaline AA batteries included. This unit releases a micro spray amount of Pyrethrum into the atmosphere every 30, 60 and 120 seconds which travels through the by air movement.

      What is included?

      2 x Pyrethrum Indoor and / or Outdoor dispensers (choose your preference from drop down menu)
      2 x Pyrethrum Refill Can
      4 x AA Alkaline batteries
      2 x Wall Mounts