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Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap
Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap Catch
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Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap Features
Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap Catch

    Pestrol Terminator Mosquito Trap

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      The Terminator Mosquito Trap is the latest mosquito trap by Pestrol.

      Very effective in catching mosquitoes and other small flying creatures including:

      • moths
      • guava moth
      • codling moth
      • aphids
      • sand flies
      • midges
      • and more

      The unit is cleverly designed to simulate human prey through some of the latest features to be found in mosquito traps. A built-in heat plate to simulate human heat, a lure which replicates human breath and sweat, a photocatalyst process that emits minute quantities of CO2 and a UV light. All of the above are proven for increase performance for attracting pesky mosquitoes.

      A powerful fan then creates a vacuum to suck the creatures into the extra large catchment area where they dehydrate and die. The design if for effective use outside and the mosquito trap is waterproof. Research has shown that placing the mosquito trap in a shaded area increases mosquito capture rate and the unit will cover up to 1500m2 area.

      With the optional Cigarette lighter adaptor (6m) - it makes the Terminator Mosquito Trap the ideal companion for all outdoor activities; even away from home. Camping and mosquitoes don't have to be a problem anymore.

      The Terminator Mosquito Trap works independently with these methods:

      • Carbon Dioxide—is the primary lure used and is produced through by the Photocatalyst reaction of UV ray from the light source radiating onto a panel coated with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2).
      • CO2 Photocatalyst—The Terminator Mosquito Trap can produce small amounts of Co2, which simulates what humans exhale.
      • Attractant—is a chemical produced by the human body and is sometimes referred to as “cow’s breath in a can” due to its smell. Mosquitoes seek this scent to find prey. The attractant emulates the human body odours and increase the catch rate up to 4 times. The attractant will last about 3-4 weeks.
      • Heat—the human body gives off heat, so too does this Terminator Mosquito Trap mimicking human prey.
      • Ultraviolet Light—mosquitoes are drawn towards ultraviolet light. The Terminator Mosquito Trap has an oscillating light to lure mosquitoes.
      • Dark Colour—mosquitoes are lured towards dark colours. This Terminator Mosquito Trap has been designed to take advantage of this.
      • Fan—when mosquitoes are lured and getting closer to the Terminator Mosquito Trap, the will be sucked into the catch container by strong vacuum.

      Terminator Mosquito Trap Features

      • weatherproof
      • coverage: 1500m2
      • 30ft extension cable for placement in recommended shaded areas (optional extra)
      • Huge catchment for insect collection
      • Powerful fan sucks annoying insects into holding catchment.
      • Eco friendly
      • Chemical Free
      • CO2 photocatalyst process (imitates human breath)
      • 360 degree UV light to attract mosquitoes, moths, midges and other stinging insects.
      • Rapid Action Terminator Lure - Strong Mosquito Attractant
      • Heat generator for attracting mosquitoes.
      • Coloured to simulated a perfect breeding environment.


      Your Terminator Mosquito Trap is designed to reduce the mosquito population. It may take several weeks of use to reduce the population to a point that your mosquito problem is under control. Your Terminator Mosquito Trap is not designed to compete with humans in close proximity e.g. at a barbecue, if you are planning an outdoor event you need to operate the Terminator for an extensive time before the event. It is advised that you run the Terminator 24/7 during the height of your mosquito season to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor activities.


      While the Terminator Mosquito Trap will begin to catch immediately if there is any mosquito activity in the vicinity, it may take 6-8 weeks of use to reduce local populations to the point that breeding cycles are interrupted. You may choose to discontinue use of The Terminator at this point but subsequent re-infestation will occur after rain.


      • The Terminator Outdoor Mosquito Trap
      • 12V Output Power Adaptor (outdoor)
      • 10-metre extension cable (optional extra)
      • Rapid Action Terminator Lure; Mosquito attractant
      • Round catchment box.
      • Operating manual.
      • Hanging hook.