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Octenol Lure - 3 Pack
Octenol Lure - In use with Terminator

    Octenol Lure - 3 Pack

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      For use in conjunction with The Terminator, Exterminator or Dominator units.

      What are the Octenol Boosters?

      Using an Octenol Booster is very important to the performance of the Mosquito traps.

      The ultimate companion for your mosquito trap. Works harmoniously with your trap.
      Ideal for outdoor gatherings or simply enjoying peaceful evenings, “Booster” is an essential addition to your trap, designed to foster a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor environment.

      Terminator Boosters will be used with the Terminator, Exterminator or Dominator Mosquito Traps.

      Each Booster lasts approximately 30 days, or 3-4 weeks, depending on weather conditions.

      How to use:
      To use: Peel off the foil lid of the booster, remove the lid/hat of the Terminator Mosquito Trap, and place the booster inside. Replace the lid/hat, and turn the machine on.