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Octenol Lure - 3 Pack
Octenol Lure - In use with Terminator

    Octenol Lure - 3 Pack

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      For use in conjunction with The Pestrol Terminator, Exterminator or Dominator units, the RapidAction Attractant/Lure uses the latest technology available world-wide to attract and draw in the mosquito population, which in turn rapidly reduces population numbers.

      Using an attractant is very important to the performance of the mosquito traps. Once mosquitoes sense the carbon dioxide already being emitted from the unit, the Lure then acts as an extra incentive to encourage them to hone in on the unit.

      Octenol is the key ingredient in each lure, and is designed to mimic the pheromones (sex hormones) we produce, that makes them love us so much.

      Each attractant lasts approximately 30 days, or 3-4 weeks, depending on weather conditions.

      To use: Peel off the foil lid of the attractant, remove the lid/hat of the unit, and place the Lure inside. Replace the lid/hat, and turn the machine on. The smell of the attractant will be drawn down and into the machine by the fan, and out through the purposely built holes around the sides (where the light comes out).