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    Nemesis Termite Bait

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      NEMESIS is an Australian termite bait system designed to attract and eliminate termite colonies in a safe non invasive way. It uses an insect growth regulator (IGR), Chlorfluazuron, as the active constituent in the Nemesis bait. Chlorfluazuron, the insect growth regulator used in Nemesis Termite Bait, inhibits the ability of the individual termites to synthysize chitin.  Active termites feed on the highly attractive bait food source & translocate the IGR to other members of the colony, at levels undetectable by those termites, until the colony collapses. Nemesis termite bait is a registered product under the requirements of legislation administered by the Australian Pesticides and Vetinary Medicines Authority.

      The bait is based upon proven insect growth regulator technology. Termites moult, that is they shed their exoskeletons, because they cannot reproduce chitin, they are unable to replace this skeleton and thus perish. The termite colony loses whole generations and collapses as a consequence. The bait matrix is manufactured using pure food grade cellulose.


      • Chlorfluazuron has proven to be extremely effective for termite baiting becuase:
      • It is a benzoylphenyl urea insect growth regulator which inhibits the synthesis of chitin
      • Only one gram per kilo of Chlorfluazuron is required to effectively controll termite colonies
      • Its delayed mode of action allows widespread transfer within the colony for maximum secondary kill
      • It is effective against all sub-species of subterranean termites with the exception of Mastotermes Darwinius
      • Chlorfluazuron is practically non-toxic due to the mammals, birds, fish and earthworms (Tomlin 1997)
      • It slowly degrades in water
      • It is strongly absorbed to soil with a Kd of 120-990
      • Its half life in soil varies from 6 weeks to a few months

      Termites Eating Nemesis Bait

      How to use Nemesis Termite Bait


      Does Nemesis monitoring and baiting actually work?
      Yes- it is very effective and efficient; the system maximises the control opportunity whilst minimising the amount of material used and it's likely impact on the environment. Termite baiting is an approved method in Australian Standard AS3660.2-2000.

      How Does Nemesis Work?
      Nemesis is an attractive bait for termites. The active ingredient affects the termite's ability to grow, develop and reproduce. The offending termite colony actually eats itself to destruction.

      What Sort of Harm can Termites Cause?
      This can vary greatly depending on the species of termites, the size of the colony, it's age and vigour as well as other factors, such as the availability of food soures. There are many other factors that can play a role in the speed of attack and the extent of damage. In many cases where attack is detected early, the cost of repairs can still be significant, the longer the infestation lasts the greater the cost of rectifying the problem. Termites can also damage books, clothing and a wide range of cellulose based items other than structural timbers.

      How Often Should My Property Be Inspected?
      Australian Standard AS3600.2-2000 advises that properties should be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12months. The Standard further advises that properties at greater risk should be inspected every 3 to 6 months, depending on the degree of risk. This should be assessed during the initial inspection.

      What is the Average Risk Factor of Termite Attack and/or Damage?
      The most common measure of risk is that 1 in 3 houses will be attacked and/or damaged by termites during the economic life of the structure; thus the risk increases with the age of the property.

      What Do I Do if I Find Termites?
      DO NOT PANIC. DO NOT DISTURB THEM OR ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF WITH SPRAYS OR AEROSOLS. Disturbing termites or killing termites that you can see, will only cause the colony to move to another entry point in your property to continue their destruction.

      Are all Termite Species Harmful to Houses?
      No, there are 348 Australia species. A large number of these feed on grasses, standing trees or decayed timbers. In nature their role is to recycle important nutrients. Only about a dozen species cause significant damage to structures. It is important that you engage a Professional Pest Manager to ascertain whether your property is at risk.

      If I Have Disturbed Active Termites In My Property What Should I Do?
      Try not to disturb them further. Try to collect 10-20 specimens, preferably termites with darker heads (these are soldier termites). Place these termites in a mixture of 70% methylated spirits and 30% water to preserve them for identification.

      How Long Does it Take for the Nemesis Bait to Kill the Termite Colony
      In many cases it will take 6-12 weeks, however several months may elapse before total colony elimination is effected. There are numerous factors controlling this, such as the time of year, size of the colony and species of termie involved. However, due to the effect of the Nemesis Bait, termite feeding will decline to a level that will minimize further damage. It is also important to remember that there are visible observable milestones and indicators that the Nemesis Bait is working.

      Brand: PCT International
      Type: Powdered Termite Bait
      Active Ingredient: Chlorfluazuron 1g/kg, Alpha-cellulose 100%
      Mixing Rate: Ready-To-Use
      Application Rate: Mix 100g of bait with 300-400mL of water. 
      Size: 1kg (10 x 100g) or 2kg (20 x 100g)